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Our "we-don't-have-any-kids-yet" and other vacations

Good things did indeed come from trying unsuccessfully for three years to have kids: a plethora of "we-don't-have-any-kids-yet" (i.e. "last chance") vacations! [Only Hawai'i is ready to view, yet; the others will be, too,..... eventually!]

  December 2002: Hawai'i Other, we-weren't-trying-yet or we'd-have-gone-anyways vacations:  
  August 2003: Florida August 2000: Arizona  
  July 2004: Jamaica July 2001: Mary Lake, Ontario  
  October 2004: southern California July 2002: southwest Tennessee  
  September 2005: Cancun <our last hourrah!> August 2002: Toronto, Ontario and Cowansville, Quebec  
    June 2004: Providence, Rhode Island  
    May 2005: Chicago, Illinois  
    July 2005: Epcot Center and Daytona Beach, Florida