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Oct 2012:

Penshurst, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA!

We returned to Australia as *permanent residents* on Aug 4, 2012, our possessions

arrived from Pennsylvania in late October,... finally we had officially MOVED down under!


The gardens haven't changed much since Oct 2012... scroll down to see them.


zach's room06

dining room

living room




front hall03


zach's room01

zach's room02

front hall01

zach's room04










Penshurst - Feb 2012-Oct 2012    
We still live here, things have just changed a little since our stuff arrived in Oct 2012. :=)

Welcome to our home! :=) (...Notice the incline ~ it really is that steep!)

First room on the right: Master Bedroom

Next on the right: WC (pretty literally :=D ) and bathroom (and linen closet @ hallway)

First room on the left: Zach's room + play room :=)

From the front door, walk straight ahead, through a door and on your left is this: the Living Room

Looking out that LR window: the driveway, the right-hand-drive minivan and the church, right next door!

Behind the TV there is a tall, narrow window looking down on the backyard --- voilà! (Clothesline, for when it stops raining :=), and, if you look closely, on the right, behind the base of the tree: a blue TRAMPOLINE!)

Turn around, and on the right is: the Dining Room

Look out the DR window and you will see: the neighbours' house, right there :=) (...am I in Toronto??) (the Lockharts live here - very friendly people!)

Between the LR & DR are the doors to the Kitchen

Voila: the Kitchen (more spacious than we had feared, hooray!)

The view out the kitchen window (the ones which you can see through the doors from the LR): patio, folliage & greenery, and that brown area near the top is the 'landing pad' in front of... the tennis court! (essentially the same view as the other picture, yes)

Down the stairs from the LR into: the Basement - through the lefthand doorway is the Laundry Room and a door to the backyard/patio; through the right is a second Bathroom (toilet, shower and sink in one room!)

Having gone down the stairs, on the far left/under the LR is this other bedroom (future guest room, ideally; big storage closet, realistically, sigh)

Opposite this, on the far right of the basement/under the DR is another bedroom (future TV/entertainment room, ideally, if space will allow) (i.e. if we can fit all our other stuff into the other rooms! :=D )

Out for a tour of the backyard...

Wow, eh? :=)

A precious little fairy garden - !

Inside the fairy garden

A resident fairy :=)

Another cute resident of the garden

View out our kitchen window :=D (There aren't usually this many lorikeets, mind you!)

Oh yeah - mustn't forget Zach on the trampoline :=>

Horsham - June 2008-Feb 2012

East Norriton - Aug 2001-June 2008