HAWAI'I, December 2002

This was our first true "we-don't-have-any-kids-yet" vacation: our last hurrah before embarking on the roller-coaster called "trying to get us some chill'uns!"

On our first morning in Hawai'i, our jet-lag provided us the opportunity to take in a gorgeous Kauai sunrise

Where continental North America has squirrels, Hawai'i has domestic poultry - no yoke! (Nyuk, nyuk)

Todd made some friends, along the way....



How often do you see a road sign indicating, "Volcano, this way"?!

We both got a HUGE kick out of visiting

with the lava, up-close & personal!




Is this cool or what?!

All in all, we had an a-w-e-s-o-m-e time. For better and for worse, Hawai'i is now our standard to which we compare all other vacations........

If you haven't been there, and you get the chance to go, do -

we highly recommend it!!

We also visited Pearl Harbor - the sunken Arizona, and the Mighty Mo.