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Our AUSTRALIAN Experience

Before departing for Australia, we packed up and moved out of our house in Horsham, PA . We arrived in Australia on February 28th, 2012, for our extended visit prior to moving down under. Below is a pictorial display of our experience! (Hopefully this dating system will work for everyone... :=D )




Our house & grounds: our home

The church: Hurstville New Church

Jenn's Aussie musings: coming soon :=)


It's official, the house is packed! 2012-02-22

Grammy & Zach are having fun amidst the boxes 2012-02-22

Zach and buddies watching the movers load up the truck... 2012-02-23

The house is officially... empty. 2012-02-23

Since he couldn't take them with him, Todd enjoyed the opportunity to use up some of his stash of fireworks! 2012-02-23

Sparklers :=) 2012-02-23

Our last play date before we left - Jack, Katy, Mia & Zach 2012-02-24

Jack, Zach & Mia in a group hug 2012-02-24

Last day in town! Grammy & Todd, with Zach jumping on the mattresses at the curb 2012-02-26

Making our way through Phila Int'l Airport 2012-02-26

...Here we go!! 2012-02-26

Yes, Zach, NOW you may *finally* explore the contents of the Pokemon travel bag! :=) 2012-02-26

First stop: Dallas Fort Worth Int'l Airport 2012-02-26

Gladly taking advantage of his own personal TV :=> 2012-02-26

(That lasted all of about 10 minutes... :=D ) 2012-02-26

We can see it! There's Australia!! 2012-02-28

BRISBANE! (We lost Feb 27th in transit!) 2012-02-28

Sydney Harbour, Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House! 2012-02-28

Eagerly watching Sydney below 2012-02-28

On the ground at Sydney Int'l Airport!! 2012-02-28

We're officially here - in front of the Hurstville New Church 2012-02-28

Zach found a new buddy awaiting him, note and all :=) 2012-02-28

Another new friend: a lorikeet 2012-02-29

Cronulla on a cloudy, drizzly day 2012-03-03

It's true, the water does go down anti-clockwise 2012-03-04

Our first train excursion: with Gengy and Huiling, destination: Manly Beach 2012-03-04

Our first ferry ride, too -- past the Opera House! 2012-03-04

The fountains on our way to Manly Beach are fun in themselves 2012-03-04

Anticipating the wave... 2012-03-04

...and... JUMP! 2012-03-04

On the train ride home, a rousing game of Rock, Paper... Aliens?! (+ tsunamis + black holes +....) 2012-03-04

Btw here's the house we're living in! (For more pictures of our domicile, check out our 'house' page) 2012-03-05

Our backyard ~ heavenly! :=) 2012-03-05

Zach's favourite part: the trampoline!! 2012-03-05

A number of spiders inhabit the grounds as well... 2012-03-05

A special treat: the night-blooming cereus! 2012-03-05