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Hurstville New Church

Penshurst, New South Wales, Australia

~ Welcome! ~


This is Jenn's unofficial web page featuring the buildings and grounds of the Hurstville New Church. For more information please visit the official Hurstville New Church website!

Come on in!

The church consists of the sanctuary and the foyer

Here's the foyer

Here's the sanctuary!

Foyer as seen from the sanctuary

There's a cute little vestibule where the minister can change into his robe and enter/exit the chancel, and slip back in around the back (front) through the foyer!

To the left of the church is Baringa which houses the pastor's office, library, book room, community kitchen, community room (the Richard Morse Room), guest rooms and bathroom

Here's the pastor office, complete with current pastor :=)

Library (carpeted area) as seen from bookroom

Book room (carpeted area) as seen from library

Let's head down behind the church & Baringa...

...past the outdoor toilets...

... to the tennis court! [Hired (rented) out to local social & competitive tennis players]

Looking back up towards the church (right)

Looking up towards the church (left) & Baringa (right)

Behind Baringa

A local resident lizard

One of many beautiful flowering trees ~ Protea, native of South Africa

There is also a large population of spiders, evidenced by their webs crossing our paths! (Can you see the web around the middle of this picture?...)

Another couple of spiders' webs

A web & resident spider, in front of Baringa

A web outside the manse - above our heads!

Stunning grounds, I must say! :=) These are just some of the many reasons we're blessed to be here.


More to see at Hurstville New Church... :

bountiful chancel01

March 17, 2013: a bountiful harvest service!

bountiful chancel02

~ all items were donated to the Kogarah Storehouse

thanksgiving feast

Our harvest service was followed by a delicious thanksgiving barbeque lunch!

easter chancel

March 31, 2013: beautiful flowers collected for Easter! ~all gifted to the residents of a local aged care home


moon over church

Feb 2013: nighttime at Hurstville New Church...