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Zach's Poems


Bright and glowing,
Appearing tiny to our Earth,
Vanishing into darkness.


Green leaves
Smooth and fragile
Falling from mighty trees
Like snowflakes of freedom and life


A blank number
Jam-packed with worthlessness
Not negative, not positive

Bird In The Sky

A bird in the sky,
Rising to the clouds.
Soaring so high,
Screeching so loud.


Gets caught,
Not so massive,


Very massive
Stomping through big cities
Hideous, repulsive, and foul

Sunny Morning

with Robyn Lambert

A sunny morning,
Birds are twittering loudly.
I hide under the duna.

Julien's Poems


Little glimmers of
Hopeful light emerge from devilrous
Shadows of despair.

The Forest

The forest.
A quiet place.
Lots of little creatures all around.
I see the trees.
The tall,
Wise trees.
They wave at me with their outstretched hands of welcome.
I feel their wisdom,
In the air,
As if I could stroke it.
Their mysterious secrets remain untold.
I see the leaves,
The soft green leaves,
Fanning me with happiness as they reflect the warm sunlight with their dew.
I see the wind.
The swift,
Reassuring wind.
Caressing my face,
Delicately whispering to me,
In it's murmuring voice.
I see the flowers,
The vibrant,
Colourful flowers.
Decorating the peaceful woods with true art.
I′ll come back tomorrow...


Once there were dragons,
Their scales coloured as heaven itself.
Pure white,
Vibrant red,
Yellow light,
The stories said.
They dominated the earth as birds of power and fury,
Their steps shook the earth,
Is it only a story?
I′d like to know,
Wouldn′t you?
I certainly want to know it too.
They soared over the land,
They bent metal like a rubber band.
They breathed fire as a destroyer′s flame,
Could it still be the same?
We′ll never know...

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