Zachary's third Week

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Look how strong I am! 10/26/06

Zach & Aunt Karie

(...comfy, Zach?) 10/26/06



Upon closer examination, ....yes, he does appear to be comfy! 10/26/06

Grampa finally meets grandson #5 10/27/06

Daddy followed through on his promise to wrap Zach up and top him with a bow, for Mommy's birthday! 10/27/06

Yummy baby Zach catching some more rays

(Still jaundiced, sun rays help break down the excess bilirubin...) 10/30/06

Happy first Hallowe'en, baby moo! 10/31/06

Mama moo and baby moo

(Mommy's current lactation situation was an extremely appropriate AFTER-THOUGHT to this costume choice! HA!) 10/31/06

The little prince in his (Daddy's) big massage chair

-Ahhhh! THIS is more like it!- 10/31/06

Hey there ! 10/31/06



"Angel smile" (Am I CUTE or what?!) 10/26/06