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First things first: check out the resemblance between Zach and his daddy ! :=D


Zach likes hanging out with Aunt Lisa! 12/20/06

Merry Christmas, everybody!! :=) 12/04/06


Mommy loves her Zachy-boy! 12/20/06

Zach & Grandaddy 12/10/06

Little Zach is 2 months old! (We intend to track his progress with monthly, then yearly, pictures of him sitting in Daddy's massage chair. . .. stay tuned!) 12/10/06

Once again, cozy in his sling! 12/11/06

Zach's first Christmas! (at Grammy & Grampa's) 12/24/06

Grampa is fun! 12/24/06

Ho ho ho! 12/19/06

Zach with Aunt Karie 12/25/06

Adam (held by Kamil), Val and Zach 12/25/06

Zach with Auntie Jill 12/25/06

Cousin-once-removed Alec, Zach and Aubie! 12/27/06

Smileyl baby! 12/26/06

Zach with cousins Ashur (3yrs) & Adam (9mos) 12/25/06