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I'm NINE months old!! 07/10/07

Nine months old 07/10/07

See comparative chair pics here

'Group photo,' as it were... 07/12/07

L-R: Benjamin Evans (Michael & Stella's), Zach, Britain & Maverik Schrock (Thain & Steph's), Audrey & Scarlet Smith (Daric & Tara's)

Fun with Daddy! 07/15/07

Showin' off our new mei tai carrier 07/17/07 ("O Canada," btw!)

Zach & his gal pal, Mia (and her mommy, Katy) 07/20/07

Daddy's "watching" me 07/21/07

I'm stylin' AND profilin'! 07/22/07

I'm learning how to get into mischief! (I climbed up here all by myself, I did!) 07/24/07

Hmm, MORE mischief! 07/24/07

"...Who, me?" 07/24/07

Pint-sized pianist :=) 07/27/07

"Sooo big!" 07/27/07

Fun with Aunt Val! 08/02/07

Me 'n' my cousins, Ashur (3.5) & Adam (17mos) 08/03/07

Fun with carrots!! (He's great with a spoon... now if only he'd put it in his mouth!) 08/07/07