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I'm FIVE months old!! 03/10/07

Look at me, geting so big in this chair! 03/11/07

See comparative chair pics here

Jus' chillin', lookin' out the window... 03/11/07

Zach and his new buddy, Jack 03/13/07

Zach, meet grass; grass, Zach 03/13/07


Zach, meet snow! 03/17/07

I like snow! 03/17/07

Helping Mommy bar-b-que 03/20/07

Jumping Zach 03/27/07

Zach's latest trick - going.... 03/20/07

...going... 03/20/07

...gone ! 03/20/07

Rub-a-dub-dub, Zach's in the tub ! 03/27/07

This is "Zachary," in case you didn't know.. 03/28/07 (Tooooo cute!!)

Zach 'n' Mommy 04/06/07

Zach 'n' Grammy 04/01/07

Zach 'n' Grampa 04/01/07

Zach 'n' Daddy 'n' Daddy's birthday balloons 04/08/07 (Zach lo-o-oves that balloon!)

Zach 'n' second-cousin Calvin, just hangin' 04/03/07

Zach gets a big hug from second-cousin wyatt 04/03/07

Zach 'n' Aunt Lisa 04/08/07