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Zach, demonstrating his super sitting skills! 04/10/07

I'm six months old!!! 04/10/07

See comparative chair pics here

Zach's 6-month chair shot 04/10/07

Zach starts solids!! Mmm, avocado... 04/10/07

Zach loves his little Lambie 04/12/07

Our peewee pianist 04/16/07

My first little teeth are poking through! 04/16/07 (Ok, so this shot doesn't display them well..)

Crinkly celophane! 04/19/07

Watching turnpike traffic 04/22/07

Goofing off with Uncle Rob 04/21/07

Playing with Uncle Rob & Miss Crystal 04/21/07

Posing with Miss Crystal 04/22/07

Bedtime story with Aunt Lisa 04/26/07

Zach meets cousin Ed 04/28/07

Ed & Zach 04/28/07

Zach's ready for WalkAmerica'07! 04/29/07

Watching baseball with Daddy 04/29/07

(Ok, so they're actually watching Mencia's Bud Light commercial, here..) (Greeeaat...)

Woo-hoo! Daddy's new go-kart! 05/04/07