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Zach in his bouncer

(look at that face!!) 11/12/06

Hello, my adoring fans ! 11/14/06

There's work to be done 11/16/06

Phew! Tired from all that raking! 11/16/06

zzzzzzzzzzzzz.......... 11/16/06

Zach, all bundled up from his morning walk 11/19/06

Proud papa and his boy 11/19/06

Sling with a view 11/19/06

Zach's first bottle! (simultaneous Sigh and jubilation...) 11/21/06

Zach's first Thanksgiving (not quite ready for the turkey drumstick?) 11/23/06

Zachand uncle Rob 11/23/06

Mommy's GQ boys 11/29/06

Our little elf boy! :=D 12/04/06

Daddies can wear slings, too! 11/23/06

Tummy time - "hellooo!" 12/04/06

"Hey there, Mr. Elephant!" 12/04/06

"Ok, I'm tired of this tummy stuff! Pick me up!!" 12/04/06

"Just call me GQ Zach" 12/06/06

Zach with his second cousin, Calvin 12/08/06

"Cars rock!!" (I am my daddy's son, no doubt!) 12/07/06