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I'm EIGHT months old!! (My hair must be due for a wash - it's way too tame!) 06/11/07

Eight months old 06/11/07

See comparative chair pics here

Still 'wrapping'! 06/14/07

Zach & Grammy 06/10/07


Zach & Gramps 06/10/07

"Hey, who's that cute kid?" 06/16/07

Breaking news: ZACH CRAWLS!! 06/20/07


Playing is serious business. (Thanks for this fun toy, 'Aunt' Brooke and 'Uncle' Lance!) 06/24/07

Happy to be 'rescued' from his nap! 06/26/07

Only the best toys for our boy; we spare no expense.. 06/26/07

Now that he can sit and stand himself up, the inevitable happened: he fell asleep, sitting! (Cute!!) 06/26/07

Zach is ready to zoo! 06/27/07

Zach playing with his buddies, Jack & Mia. (Love the face, Zach!) 06/27/07

Jack, Zach & Mia in the pool! 06/27/07

Happy Canada Day! (I *am* half Canadian, after all!) (The better half, of course! :=D ) 07/01/07

Fun with Daddy & Aubie! 07/04/07

Pool fun with Gianni (neighbour Marianne's grandson) 07/07/07

Hangin' with Uncle Rob 07/07/07

Happy Zach in the pool with Daddy 07/07/07

Hey there, cute boy! 07/09/07

Loving Blue Doggy 06/29/07

Loving Aubie 07/04/07

Loving Winter Winnie the Pooh (He's a loving chap, what can we say?! :=> ) 07/09/07