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Grammy & Zach checking each other out 02/10/07

Zach is 4 months old! 02/10/07


Playing with Daddy 02/16/07

Zach is baptised into the New Church! 02/11/07

Zach, Mommy & Daddy 02/11/07

Zach's post-baptism party: Zach & Rev. Mauro dePadua 02/11/07

Proud Mommy & her little man 02/11/07

Super Zach! 02/11/07

Proud Papa & his son 02/11/07

Zach likes to practice sitting.... 02/17/07

-and gets so excited that he flings himself back! 02/17/07

-then sort of crunches back up as best he can (which is pretty darned good! he's gonna have abs of steel!) 02/17/07

Hello, drooly boy! (-can you see it, on his chin?!) 02/21/07

Clean baby! 02/22/07

Zach and his friend, Mia 02/23/07

Zach 'n' Mommy 02/23/07

Happy Zach! 02/24/07

Zach and great-Aunt Ruth (..why so serious, Zach?!) 02/26/07

Hangin' with Uncle Tooper 02/28/07

"Garçon,.." -breakfast at Ray's with Aunt Karie 03/01/07

Awww! :=> 03/01/07

Daddy's FUN! 03/01/07

:=D Priceless! 03/05/07

* I rolled over!! * (..I haven't figured out how, mind you, but I did, I really did!) 03/07/07


(P.S. Ashur, Adam & Angelarsa, I'm enjoying your tube! Thanks!) 03/06/07