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I'm TEN months old!! 08/10/07

Ten months old! (Already?!) 08/10/07

See comparative chair pics here


Drivin' with Daddy 08/19/07

Rock garden, dirt garden, clover garden - they're all fun for Zach! 08/16/07

..Playing with the afore-mentioned clover08/16/07


Goofy boys! 08/19/07

Zach in the driver's seat! (The journey begins: a much-needed rest stop on our drive down to NC.) 08/23/07

How do you like THIS house, Zach? (He was *such* a trooper, bless his heart!!) 08/24/07

A house-hunting break! 08/25/07

See, isn't the ocean FUN?! (Virginia Beach, VA) 08/29/07

Finally, a vacation from my stressful life! 08/29/07

Building sand castles with Daddy is serious business. 09/01/07

This is my kind of water fun! 09/01/07

Home again - fun with Aunt Lisa! 09/05/07

Patriotic boy ('Fly Navy' trunks & Old Glory flying outside) 09/07/07