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I'm SEVEN months old!! 05/10/07

Seven months old 05/10/07

See comparative chair pics here

Zach's got his very own car! 05/10/07

"ZQ" 05/13/07

Happy first Mother's Day, Mommy!! :=) 05/13/07

Zach & his pop (note to self: better lighting = better pictures! d'oh.) 05/16/07

Zach & Grandaddy's sister, Aunt Barbara 05/26/07


Zach in his new pool! 05/26/07


Cutie Zach 05/26/07

Zach & his changing table toys 05/30/07

Little boy, big tub 06/04/07

Another step in his motor development.... 05/31/07

Zach playing with Uncle Kamil & cousin Adam 06/07/07

Zach 'n' Aunt Val 06/08/07

Playing with cousin Ashur (cute!!) 06/09/07

Hangin' with Aunt Karie (& Uncle Tooper) 06/09/07

"Whatcha doin', Auntie Jill?" ("Making fun noises to entertain you, Zach!") 06/09/07

Zach & the dancing lady (a Parker tradition) 06/09/07

There are a couple more Toronto trip shots... but they're on Zach's ninth month page!