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I'm ONE!! 10/10/07

I'm *ONE*!! 10/10/07

See comparative chair pics here


I'm O-O-O-ONE!! 10/10/07

Opening his first present (P.S. He doesn't quite "get" opening presents, yet. Maybe by Christmas?!) 10/10/07

I like birthdays, so far! 10/10/07

Another cool present! 10/10/07

Where's the cake?? (In reality, he was too tired to enjoy cake, when the time came; he didn't eat any!) 10/10/07

Aaah! 10/10/07


...I'm pooped. 10/10/07

*More* birthday presents?! Cool! 10/12/07

A boy and his trucks - truly innate!? 10/12/07

This is fun, Gramps! 10/12/07

Still hasn't mastered watching where he's going,.... 10/18/07

He has rediscovered Pooh, lately. Too cute! 10/18/07

Fun with Diana! 10/22/07

I'm *so* cute - why would Mommy want to have my hair cut?? :=( 10/24/07

Side view of my sweet baby locks... 10/24/07

...It isn't *that* long! 10/24/07

We went to a cool place to have my hair cut! 10/24/07

Here I am, still adorable, just a little less hair around the edges! 10/24/07

Definitely shorter in back. (Mommy's having misgivings about having my hair cut... I told her, "It's ok,Mommy, it's just hair!" :=) ) 10/24/07

Welcome home from work, Daddy!! 10/26/07

Mommy always calls me "Monkey," so she thought that's what I should be for Hallowe'en! (No, I'm not a mouse, even though I may look like one at first...) 10/31/07

Am I a cute little monkey, or what?! 10/31/07