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Good Christmas morning, Zach! 12/25/07

Zach admiring our lovely stockings (oh, and maybe the presents, too?) 12/25/07


Zach opening his first present 12/25/07

Sumo-Zach discovering his cool alphabet puzzle 12/25/07

Aunt Lisa helping Zach open his Teddy Ruxpin! 12/25/07

...All these fun Christmas presents, and he's playing with Grandaddy's massager! 12/25/07

And again, the most fun is with the boxes! :=D (Don't be startled by Lisa's expression - she's making cool car noises!) 12/25/07

Meanwhile, on up to Toronto... Fun with Grampa! 12/29/07

Sliding down in this high chair (Mommy's btw!) was fun! 12/29/07

Zach got to experience SLEDDING in the great white north!! :=> 12/31/07

The family that toboggans together stays together! :=) 12/31/07

Sledding with Grampa! (Zach really did have fun, despite his expressions in some of these pics..) 12/31/07

FUN sledding with Daddy, for real! 12/31/07


Back home, enjoying his cozy new hoodie - thanks, Uncle Rob & Aunt Crystal! 01/03/08

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