Zach's September-October 2016

The boys used Lego-type bricks and wooden blocks to recreate the Word story about King David and Sheba, in Sunday School. (...It kept them engaged, at least!) 2016-09-04

Zach <begrudgingly> helped prepare a delicious lunch for his pappy, on Father's Day -- fajitas! :=) 2016-09-04

...Well, it ain't a typical Father-Son photo, but it's representative a representative one! :=D 2016-09-04

And then,... back to their regularly scheduled programming. :=D (-Literally, in some cases!) 2016-09-04

Here's a glimpse into Zach's brain: he used his Etch-a-Sketch to design a maze-sort of game - you have to get from Start [S] to Finish [F] by going in straight lines and turning at 90º angles upon hitting obstacles & walls (unless it's an X'd out box, in which case you can stop or you can go through). ...Have you figured it out yet? (Click on the image for a better view!) 2016-09-08

Here are three more, if you want to give them a go?! Zach's instructors are the bottom one. (Click on each image for a better view) *Note: edges of pages constitute walls; upon hitting them, you may turn left or right. Boxes up against walls really do go all the way up to the walls; we can't sneak around them! 2016-09-08

Daddy's first cricket game of the season! :=) (This one was within bike-riding distance of home! -hence the visit) 2016-09-10

We - er, the church - got a new car! :=) The Tarago van has gone bye-bye; hello, 2009 Bordeaux <not purple!> Honda Odyssey Luxury 2016-09-16

We hosted a Potluck & Parlour Games night at the church - fun! 2016-09-17

Zach is part of a Lego robotics team participating in a First Lego League challenge. Part of their project included researching coral at the aquarium! 2016-09-24

Daddy conducted his second baptism in Australia {fourth overall} - Karen (Lockhart) & Mike Evans' daughter :=) 2016-09-25

Zach & Mommy enjoyed some 'progressive' creature drawings - the kind where each person draws part of the body without seeing the rest. :=D 2016-09-25

Mommy and Zach took the plunge and tried their hands (and legs and arms and feet...) at parkour! (WOAH, that was a lot of work, -even though it was a trial class! Mommy's muscles were sore.... Zach's, young whipper-snapper that he is, were not!) 2016-10-01

We also took advantage of a coupon to go ice skating! -On a 23ºC day! :=D 2016-10-04

Meanwhile, Daddy continues to learn and practice the guitar, and regularly plays in church! :=) (This is the man who had never played an instrument before -- who didn't find anyone willing to play for church, and so took it up himself! That's dedication.) 2016-10-04

Zach helped decorate his birthday cake :=D -It's an NXT intelligent brick, in case you couldn't tell... (Unfortunately chewy candies don't come in shades of gray!) 2016-10-07

This diverse bunch of boys had a fun time celebrating Zach's birthday with him! :=) 2016-10-07

♪"Happy birthday to ME"♪ 2016-10-07

Zach had a 'REAL' birthday party, this year - i.e. not at home! The boys ran around and up & down and through tunnels in a fun game of laser tag. 2016-10-07

-Even Daddy got in on the fun! :=D He's a big kid at heart, after all. 2016-10-07

(It was a classy join! :=D ) (Daddy & Mommy were fortunate to 'win' this party through Zach's school online auction fundraiser, so they paid a fraction of the price - and the school got money! Win, win!) 2016-10-07

Come October 10th, Zach was eager to open his presents! 2016-10-10

-He had to find them, though. It was a scavenger hunt! :=D 2016-10-10

"Where is it?! I can't find it!" 2016-10-10

Daddy did a good job of scattering them around the house, and writing clever clues for Zach! -You might be able to guess whose present was hidden here...? :=) 2016-10-10

(Answer: it was Aunt Karie & Uncle Jim's!) -Although he doesn't look so enthused, it's because he's very focussed. All three of us are really enjoying this Bop-It game! :=) 2016-10-10

One of the clues took him outside... and looking into the recycling bin! It was an appropriately placed gift certificate, mind you... 2016-10-10

Ta-da! 2016-10-10

This was the clue for his last present... 2016-10-10

...It took Zach a good while to figure it out. (It was right before his eyes, but he was trying too hard?!) 2016-10-10

This is the first verse... Can YOU figure it out? :=) 2016-10-10

It had been much too long since we'd chatted with Grandma - today was a good day for that! 2016-10-10

Zach requested French toast for his birthday breakfast -- and French toast he got! :=D 2016-10-10

:=D 2016-10-10

He was reluctant to smile for the camera, but we got some good shots anyway :=) (P.S. He kindly shared the French toast & bacon with his folks!) 2016-10-10

(Note to selves - and teachabale moment for YOU: don't put wax candles into hot French toast! -they melted! -See wobbly candles at left for additional evidence! :=D ) 2016-10-10

He wasted no time in building a remotely-controlled vehicle with the help of his new LEGO power functions kit. :=) 2016-10-10

And THEN, the lucky duck had ('key') lime cheesecake and whipped cream, too! -Not that Mommy & Daddy were complaining... Oh, and Reubens & tater tots for lunch! 2016-10-10

-To which he added Skittles! :=D (As if it wasn't sweet enough already!) 2016-10-10




Happy, happy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY

to you, sweet Zach!! :=)

We're *SO* very glad you were born.

Thanks for being such an awesome kid!