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We went for a weekend away with other Cub Scout families, down in the Southern Highlands 2015-09-05

Zach was soooo boooored... 2015-09-05

Beautiful views (lots of natural beauty :=> ) 2015-09-05

Zach had a little fun,... 2015-09-05

Here's the group - can you spot Zach (and parents)? 2015-09-05

We left early on Sunday morning to get back in time for church, then went out for lunch for Father's Day! 2015-09-06

Zach was pretty proud of the Father's Day card he made... 2015-09-06

...written in CODE, of course! 2015-09-06

Zach made a couple of nice magnets for Daddy - featuring things they like: Lego cars and xBox video games! 2015-09-06

They're intend on building a Lego machine... 2015-09-12

Zach makes a puzzle for Aunt Val's birthday. (Yoiks!) 2015-09-19

We're North-America-bound! (Got some down-time? Break out the Five Crowns! :=D ) 2015-09-21

:=) 2015-09-21

On the plane, heading for Florida. (And Zach is suddenly looking so much older?!) 2015-09-21

We made it! -And we found Aunt Lisa! AND we found Don Pablo's for dinner!! :=D Win, win, win! 2015-09-21

...It would seem that Zach is excited to be at Universal Studios?.... :=) 2015-09-22

Zach's favourite ride of the day: Rip Ride Rocket. (Gulp!!) (Mommy did not hesitate to sit this one out! :=O ) 2015-09-22

The main attraction: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! -complete with the Hogwarts Express, platform 9¾ and butterbeer ice cream! :=) 2015-09-22

Zach is quite excited to be opening his Daddy's Lego Technics resource kit! :=D 2015-09-23

Next stop: Perry's with (more of) Daddy's family! :=) -Time for a little shuffleboard action 2015-09-25

(Somebody's happy about the shuffleboard outcome!) 2015-09-25

Pool fun with cousin Samantha 2015-09-25

Arrrrrr, Captain Hook! 2015-09-26

Tubing with Uncle Robbie's family was fun! 2015-09-26

Taking a break from tubing... 2015-09-26

Samantha doing her best to rescue Zach from Daddy/Uncle Todd 2015-09-26

Catching some waves 2015-09-27

We got to celebrate Ryan's birthday with him (cousin once removed/Daddy's cousin's son) 2015-09-27

Silly billies making silly faces! :=D (Samantha's too cool for that.) 2015-09-28

Time to head up to Toronto. (We found an On the Border - AT the airport!! We've always got room for OTB. :=) ) 2015-09-28

Zach made up a nice little mini-hockey-golf course 2015-09-30


Grammy gave it a go, too! 2015-09-30

Time to get down to business. (The business of Five Crowns!) 2015-09-30

Grammy & Mommy always enjoy a good game of Flying Devils! 2015-10-01

Zach discovered 'Simon' at Aunt Karie & Uncle Jim's Ed had a go, too. 2015-10-01

Look at this gorgeous quilt that this gorgeous quilter made for us!! 2015-10-01

The whole Jorg family got together for a birthday celebration for Aunt Val (50) & Zach (9) :=) 2015-10-04

Zach was excited to receive a 'Perplexus' maze ball 2015-10-04

Happy birthday to YOU! 2015-10-04

Then there was the job of blowing out the candles.... (Ahh, the ol' relighting-candles trick never gets old! :=D ) 2015-10-04

Grammy tried her hand at the Perplexus maze... 2015-10-05


A last photo with family before we left :=) 2015-10-05


:=D 2015-10-05

Daddy tried his hand at the Perplexus, too (-it was a great plane toy!) 2015-10-05

Back home, again - and now it's Zach's birthday proper! :=) 2015-10-10

Zach received some decent presents, like this solar-power kit... 2015-10-10

...He was downright thrilled with this Lego Mindstorms! :=D 2015-10-10

The boys set to work at building a robot 2015-10-10

Ta-da! 2015-10-10

Mmmm, cake & ice cream :=) 2015-10-10

Whoops - a day (and a haircut!) later, here's the 9-year-old boy in the massage chair :=D 2015-10-11

For pictures of Zach in The Chair through the ages, click here :=) 2015-10-11

(It's getting to be pointless to do a full-chair shot and a zoom-in, he's so big!) 2015-10-11

Zach had a low-key birthday 'party' with a few of his closest friends 2015-10-17

Pizza & sweet potato fries, yum! 2015-10-17

-We finished it off in style: s'mores! :=) 2015-10-17

Next robot: aligator (crocodile?) 2015-10-17

Big Lambie had been looking a little limp... 2015-10-21

...So he went in for some minor surgery. 2015-10-21

It went smoothly! -Here, Lambie Loo is offering some post-op comforting 2015-10-21

Ta-da! All better. :=) 2015-10-21

Zach and the rest of his 2nd Mortdale Cub Scouts group 2015-10-22

We celebrated Mommy's birthday with some homemade "Uno's" deep dish pizzas! (If you could see the pepperoni on the top one, you could guess which is whose... ;) ) 2015-10-27

Zach put a good effort into this potato sac race, at his school's games day! 2015-10-30

He designed a magnificent jack-o'-lantern! 2015-10-30

Mommy was pretty happy with her Captain Canuck Hallowe'en costume :=) 2015-10-30

Zach's Hallowe'en mask was... formidable! 2015-10-31

Totally original Super Box Boy, and wizard Max. (You can perhaps imagine the difficult Zach encountered with stairs.... Bless his heart!) 2015-10-31

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