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This was the year of Harry Potter, in our household: Zach & Mommy read each book, then watched each movie, in the series! 2014-09-12


Here's Zach with his friend Raghav 2014-09-13

Zach found 'his' ride in Australia at a local fair - the Super Trooper! 2014-09-21

The weather's warming up - enough to go kite-flying... 2014-09-14

...and boogie-boarding at the beach! 2014-09-14

Zach enjoys a hilarious magician/contortionist at a children's festival! (Along with Dylan) 2014-09-23

His next word sleuthing endeavour: rebuses (...Well, sort of?!) 2014-09-27

Zach & Daddy playing Transformers (complete with sound effects, courtesy of Daddy) 2014-09-29

Inspired by his Transformers, Zach develops an idea for a Hallowe'en costume... 2014-10-02

It's Zach's birthday - he's 8! (He's being serenaded, Beiswenger-style, by his dear P'pa...) 2014-10-10

Ready for school, Zach has a long-distance chat with Granddaddy & Grandma in Pennsylvania 2014-10-10

After school, he enjoys a birthday present scavenger hunt! 2014-10-10

-He figured out where the next present should be! 2014-10-10

The obligatory chair shot of the 8-year-old :=) (Not so excited about it, anymore...) 2014-10-10

For pictures of Zach in The Chair through the ages, click here 2014-10-10

Kid's got good taste: he requested key lime cheesecake for his bday! 2014-10-10

Zach's friend's birthday party was the next day 2014-10-11

Probably Zach's favourite birthday present, this year: Ruination (Transformer) 2014-10-15

Zach enjoyed potato-sac-racing at his school's games day 2014-10-17

Zach played a major role in organising his birthday party, this year - including decorating his cake! (Autobots (Transformer, of course!) logo) 2014-10-18

Zach created this Transformer-themed game: flapper-car races! (The course is in the shape of the Autobots logo) 2014-10-19

Daddy gave Zach a SUPER spin for his turn at pin-the-... 2014-10-19

... head on the -- you guessed it! TRANSFORMER! :=D 2014-10-19

Zach consults his checklist of activities for the party... 2014-10-19

Zach prepares to blow out the candles on his cake... 2014-10-19

...which, mysteriously, keep relighting! :=D 2014-10-19

"What do I do?!" 2014-10-19

Next up: Transformers trivia! 2014-10-19

Opening presents 2014-10-19

...And some good ol' wrasslin'! 2014-10-19

Now it's Mommy's turn. :=) Happy 40th birthday! 2014-10-27


Mama & her silly boys :=D out for a yummy birthday dinner 2014-10-27

Hallowe'en trick-or-treaters - including Zach as a dementor (a character in the Harry Potter series) 2014-10-31

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