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father's day

Happy Father's Day! 2013-09-01

helping w/newsletter

Zach loves to help assemble the church newsletter :=) 2013-09-02


He also loves to do what any other boy loves to do...... shred paper?! 2013-09-08


A rousing father-son game of Othello :=]2013-09-17

reading & brushing teeth

...Have we mentioned that Zach loves to read? :=) 2013-09-23

reading while walking to van

Exhibit 'B'.... 2013-09-23

periscope manufacturing

He also likes to build things, like this periscope (a Dr. Zed creation!) 2013-09-24


Ta-da! 2013-09-24


Or this electric circuit 2013-09-25


floriade selfie

We went to Canberra and took in our first ever Floriade 2013-09-27

can we go yet?

Zach looooooved all the flowers... (NOT!) 2013-09-27

street organ

Cool street organ! 2013-09-27

questacon mirrors

The next day (still in Canberra) Zach and Mommy went to Questacon! 2013-09-28

earthquake house

Zach liked the Earthquake House earthquake simulator 2013-09-28

cranking eggs

...And he *loved* cranking the eggs :=) (little engineer that he is) 2013-09-28


As much as he loves reading, it put him to sleep after such a busy day 2013-09-28

big merino

We stopped in to see the Big Merino on the way home! 2013-09-28

big merino take 2

-The *BIG* Merino 2013-09-28

gym fun

More gym fun at Sydney Olympic Park, this school holiday 2013-09-30


(It's no wonder he enjoys it!) 2013-09-30


Zach wanted a piñata for his birthday and agreed to help make it 2013-09-30


He participated in a drumming workshop, over the school break, too 2013-10-01

monkey mania

...But his *favourite* part was going to Monkey Mania with his friend as an early birthday present! :=) 2013-10-01


(Must document this event -- Zach is cleaning his room!! ...Not voluntarily, mind you,...) 2013-10-03


He can always count on Chickadee for a good read! (And oh so appropriate that his birthday-month issue is about SPYING!! :=D ) 2013-10-03

westfield tower

Zach got to go up the Westfield Tower with the Visser-Marchants! 2013-10-04

tall ships

They saw the tall ships, too 2013-10-04


Another trip to the beach with Visser-Marchants, too 2013-10-05

circuit kit

Zach got to open one present before school, on his birthday. Ta-da, another cool electric circuit kit! 2013-10-10

bday bfst

HAPPY BIRTHDAY breakfast, SEVEN-YEAR-OLD!! :=> 2013-10-10

organised gifts

True to form, he organised his birthday presents,... 2013-10-10

from m&d

Exhibit label #1 2013-10-10

from grammy

Exhibit label #2... :=) 2013-10-10

monkey boy

The birthday monkey is in a climbing mood! 2013-10-10

opening presents01

Time to open cards & presents, woohoo! 2013-10-10

opening presents02

Lots of fun cards & presents :=) 2013-10-10

bday supper

Birthday supper: Reubens, sweet potato fries and popeye fritatta! 2013-10-10

zach is SEVEN! -chair

Wow... How did Zach get to be SEVEN already?! (He's practically filling up the whole chair!) 2013-10-10

zach - chair

For pictures of Zach in The Chair through the ages, click here 2013-10-10

lime & spoon race

Zach did a dandy job carrying his lime in the lime-and-spoon race, at his school's Games Day! 2013-10-17

z & friends

Here he is with friends, at the end of Games Day 2013-10-17

hanging laundry

Monkey-boy gets creative when it comes to hanging his own laundry! :=D 2013-10-19

mixing batter

Zach requested a rainbow-layers cake for his birthday party - he even helped mix the colouring into the batter! 2013-10-19


loot bags

Organising stuff for his friends' loot bags was pretty fun, too :=) 2013-10-19

fruit ninja cake

The finished product: a Fruit Ninja-themed cake! (The rainbow layers are hiding inside) 2013-10-20

slip n slide

One of his party's main events: the slip-n-slide! 2013-10-20


Another main event: the piñata! (a pomegranate, btw - going with the Fruit Ninja theme) 2013-10-20

pinata stomping

Once the piñata was slashed and the loot bags acquired, the boys did the logical thing... and stomped on it. 2013-10-20

garage sale

Zach helped (...somewhat...) at the church's mega garage sale-bake sale-sausage sizzle fundraiser! 2013-10-26

oct27 selfie01

Next up...: Mommy's birthday! 2013-10-27


:=) 2013-10-27

new camera z shot01

Watch out.... Mommy got a new camera for her birthday!!! (A DSLR!!) 2013-10-27

new camera z shot02

(Who better to test it on...) 2013-10-27

new camera z shot03

(...than this cute little guy?!) 2013-10-27

t & z

:=) 2013-10-27

uno's pizza!

Not only did they give Mommy a new camera, they also made her Mommy-style eggs for breakfast in bed, plus gave her deep-dish pizza pie pans in which her main squeeze made her FAVOURITE: Uno's spinoccoli pizza!!! (pepperoni for the boys) :=D She feels very loved, today! 2013-10-27

zach in hat

More camera fun... :=) 2013-10-28

zach in hat02


zach in hat03


zach in hat04


zach & camera

Zach finally decided to get his camera out, too -- 2013-10-28

photo todd

-To shoot this subject :=) 2013-10-28


And then they exchanged a few 'taekwondo' moves... 2013-10-28


...A little roughousing ensued... 2013-10-28

ninja zach

Happy Hallowe'en, Ninja Zach! 2013-10-31

ninja zach & kitty mom

Ninja Zach & his kitty Mommy 2013-10-31

Hallowe'en ninja swoosh

Zach requested that Mommy take a burst of shots, as he swooshed his ninja sword down in slow-motion.... :=> 2013-10-31



hallowe'eny friends

Daddy took a gaggle of (novice) costumed creatures out trick-or-treating. HAPPY HALLOWE'EN! 2013-10-31









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