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scrambling eggs In Australia,Father's Day is the 1st Sunday in September (AKA Labour Day w/e in North America). Zach prepared a yummy breakfast for his dad! 2012-09-02

laying on the bacon Eggs scrambled and (with assistance) formed into circles; applying the bacon, then the cheese... 2012-09-02




Happy Father's Day bacon-egg-and-cheese mcmuffins, Daddy! :=) 2012-09-02

shy guy

Zach dressed nicely for Father's Day church, too... and was a little camera shy! 2012-09-02

smiley shy guy

I see you! :=) 2012-09-02

fathers day handsomes

Two handsome men on Father's Day :=] 2012-09-02

bike ride @ Brighton

Time for a bike right in Brighton-le-Sands2012-09-09

bike break @ monument

First break from biking... 2012-09-09

walking on canon

Second break from biking... 2012-09-09

zach's eye

Mommy got a new phone! Let's take some pictures... 2012-09-11

mommy & zach

More new-phone pictures... 2012-09-11

zach's bday checklist

Zach has an organized mind. This is his birthday guest checklist. :=) 2012-09-14

happy zach at hj's

a) Fun at Hungry Jack's (aka Burger King) b) Fun with Mommy's new phone 2012-09-20

nervous zach1

Zach is a very sensitive soul. Here he is, taking cover behind a chair while watching Disney's Robin Hood movie. :=) 2012-09-21

nervous zach2

(It isn't the physical violence but the anticipation of doom which really gets to him. Bless his heart!) 2012-09-21

zach swimming1

If you're gonna live in Oz, Zach, you're gonna have to learn how to swim. 2012-09-24

zach swimming2

(This is where he met his new friend, Hugh, too!) 2012-09-24

zach swimming3

Making great progress! 2012-09-24

wheel of fortune02

Zach really enjoys playing Hang-Man, so Daddy introduced him to his computerized "Wheel of Fortune" game. (Can you guess the phrase?) 2012-10-01

wheel of fortune03

(Having fun, and proud of himself!) 2012-10-01

wheel of fortune04

:=) Melts a mama's heart! 2012-10-01

wheel of fortune05

Another of Zach's phrases (he learned this from Daddy!) 2012-10-01

wheel of fortune06

Another day, another sweet note from Zach :=) 2012-10-03

fun game of uno

A rousing game of UNO! 2012-10-04

whale watching01

Gengy & Zach at Cape Solander, eager to spot some whales 2012-10-03

whale watching02

--There's one!! See it?? :=D 2012-10-03

cape solander

Fun on the rocks just up the road from Cape Solander 2012-10-03

gengy & zach in tree

Boys enjoying a low branch at Kamay Botany Bay National Park (up the road from Cape Solander) 2012-10-03

zach prepping WoF

The puzzler in action... 2012-10-04

more WoF

Voilà! (Glad to see that he's comfortable in our reciprocated affection for him!) :=) 2012-10-04


Ahh, yes.... :=D 2012-10-04

dylan & zach @ carss park

Dylan & Zach: two silly boys at Carss Park! 2012-10-05

driveway drawings

Zach's photo of his own artwork (and cute little toes!) 2012-10-05

zach @ ballooned door

Zach wanted balloons for his birthday.... Balloons, he got! :=) 2012-10-10

bday breakfast

Starting the day off right: celebratory birthday French toast! Mmm. 2012-10-10

one present before school

Ok, you can open one present before school... 2012-10-10

bday cake

A boy's birthday cake 2012-10-10

zach & cake

Happy 6th birthday, sweet Zachy boy!! :=) 2012-10-10

excited bday boy

Pressies! (-as they say, down here :=) ) 2012-10-10

happy family

Happy family on Zach's bday :=) 2012-10-10

decorating cupcakes

Jasper helping Zach decorate cupcakes for his birthday party 2012-10-13


Ta-da! (-a 3D treasure map...) 2012-10-13

party games

Good ol' musical chairs! 2012-10-13

blowing out candles


face painting

Face painting fun (with lousy paints, alas) 2012-10-13

fun running

Zach did a great job in his school fun-run! (2+km!) 2012-10-17

zach & daddy

Daddy & Zach hangin' after runnin' :=] 2012-10-17


Zach really took to the after-school taekwondo! 2012-10-17

zach photo1

Zach likes to take pictures, too. Here's one he took... 2012-10-18

zach photo2

...Here's another.... :=) 2012-10-18

pizza downtown

Zach & Daddy enjoying some pizza in Wynyard Park (we regularly have pizza for supper on Fridays; not usually outside nor away from home!) 2012-10-19

raghav's bday party

Zach & schoolmates anticipating cake at Raghav's birthday party 2012-10-20

zach shovelling mulch

...I forget what earned him this consequence, but here's Zach doing some good ol' manual labour, shovelling mulch! 2012-10-21

zach in a tree

A boy in an olive tree :=) 2012-10-24

rediscovering old toys

Moving day -- Zach is PSYCHED about rediscovering his old toys!! (Or, in this case, discovering DADDY'S old toys! :=D) 2012-10-24

appreciating art

Zach appreciating some sculptures by the sea at Bondi 2012-10-27

kiss from mommy

A smooch from mama :=) 2012-10-27

bday card to mommy

"Dear Mommy Happy Birthday! You are trning 20+18=38 oh my goodnes! You are turning 38! Want some more good maths? Whats 18+20? =38 Just teesing! Its the same Ha Ha ancr [answer] thees questshons 14-9=_ 9-14=_ 38+5=__ 5+38=__ 37388+37388=_____ and 38 Hs and Ks [hugs and kisses] Love from Zach :) ooxx" 2012-10-27

bday supper

Cute boy at Mommy's birthday dinner @ Chimichurri, mmmm! (*awesome Brazilian steakhouse restaurant, which has since closed down! Boo-hoo!! :=( ) 2012-10-28

first hallowe'en down unda

Zach's first Hallowe'en down under ~ did you recognize him in his Lego costume? :=) 2012-10-31


A further glimpse into Zach:

- Daddy and Zach were playing Starblazers [make-believe based on animé series], one day, and decided that Daddy would be the cook. Zach told him to take all of Zach's (prized!) stuffed animals and chop them up into 100 pieces and cook them! As Zach climbed up onto the bunk bed with Pouncer [tiger], who was about to be chopped up, Pouncer (Zach) said, "What game are we playing, anyway?" Zach consoled him that his impending doom was just pretend..... :=D

- Zach's first authentic Aussie-ism emerged mid-September: "Give it a go!" :=D

- Zach has a tendency to be a - - - p-o-k-e-y- - - - l-i-t-t-l-e - - - p-u-p-p-y (slow poke)! :=\ He moves slowly, distractedly (ish), doing his own thing, SINGING all the while (not lyrics, usually, but "ooh" sounds, to his own made-up tunes...). He is his own little person, he is. :=>

- About Zach's birthday letter to Mommy: his current obsession/fascination/passtime was with CALCULATORS! He brought his two calculators with him to Mommy's birthday dinner at the restaurant, where Mommy & Daddy introduced him to spelling words out of upside-down numbers! Then he would put them into 'Memory' and urge us to press 'Memory Recall'.... :=D That's our nerdy Zach!

- Hallowe'en hasn't quite caught on, down here, yet. Zach was the only one to dress up for school, and he and Daddy had to hunt down somewhere to trick-or-treat! (Our street did host a trick-or-treating night, but it was the Sunday evening while we were out for Mommy's birthday supper! :=\ ) In the end, Zach visited about 20 houses and received about 20 pieces of candy -- and was thrilled!! :=)

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