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Before Zach was even born, Mommy looked forward to bribing her kid into picking up sticks in the yard with meager payment. The time has come! :=D (Didn't last very long, though - for better and for worse...) 09/01/11

:=) 09/01/11



Welcome to Zach's shoe shop. Want to buy some shoes? 09/02/11


Zach's having fun on the tire swing! Not so sure about Jack... :=} 09/05/11

Analiese's turn! 09/05/11


First day of Montessori Preschool! (Ok, Parker relatives -- does he look incredibly like Jonathan in this picture, or is it just me?!) 09/06/11

...Apparently Mommy wasn't on the email list; false alarm, school actually starts *today*! :=} (He was a good sport about it, fortunately!) (It helped that he got a donut from Daddy out of it...) 09/07/11

Going to the eye doctor is fun - I got these cool sunglasses! (His eyes are a-ok, btw!) 09/08/11

Makin' music with bottles and bowls 09/14/11

...And now those little elasticized plastic bowl covers are fun, too! (Y'know, Zach, they make these things called "shower caps"... :=D ) 09/14/11

Driveway + sidewalk chalk + Zach = upsidedown house drawing with Daddy 09/14/11

(Great) Aunt Barbara comes by for a visit! 09/15/11

Seriously, this kid doesn't need expensive toys. This is a trail made of dollar store garbage bags! :=D 09/21/11


...The trail extends down into the basement... It'd go all over the house - and still be there - if mean ol' Mommy let him! :=} 09/21/11


Zach has no shortage of imagination. His task was to put away the clean cutlery from the dishwasher. Instead, ALL the cutlery came out of the drawer and it became a sorting game! :=D (Or maybe a store? -quite plausible...) 09/23/11

Again, the imagination: as much fun as the police station was to assemble, Zach had even MORE fun thinking outside the box and creating a tricky mini-golf-course hole out of it! :=D 09/24/11

Zach's organizational brain + lots of loose change + coin sorter = heaven for this little boy! :=) 09/27/11

We have fun with our regular Thursday supper crew: Erica, Will & Ed 09/29/11

Zach's preschool takes a field trip to Solebury Orchard. They didn't have any fun... :=D [L-R: Garrett, Daniel, Nishant, Zach, Jessica, Bobby and a couple of moms] 09/28/11

Zach pickin' apples 09/29/11

Mommy convinced Zach to help clean out the sandbox by promising that he could keep the proceeds of its sale! ($10 ain't too shabby!) 10/01/11

Zach's mini-golf birthday party! -Zach, Jack & Mia (and Jack's mom, and Daddy) 10/08/11

The Three Musketeers after mini-golfing -- gimme five! 10/08/11

"Happy birthday dear Za-ach, happy birthday to you!" (The haze is from the blown-out candles) (It's a mini-golf windmill hole cake!) 10/08/11

Uncle Robbie, Aunt Crystal & Samantha swing into town for a visit! 10/08/11

Zach's birthday proper: he's FIVE!! :=> 10/10/11


Zach's obligatory I'm-5-years-old chair shot :=) 10/10/11 See comparative chair pics here

Zach still loves Eric Carle's "Secret Birthday Message"; consequently, he requests them from time to time, and Mommy is happy to oblige! 10/10/11

"Go around the tree..." 10/10/11

"...Walk towards the mailbox..." 10/10/11

"...Up the steps, open the door and walk through..." 10/10/11

...Around the house (the long way, from the garage!) and finally down to the shed... 10/10/11

"And that's where you'll find your birthday present. Surprise!" :=D 10/10/11

What was at the end of this treasure hunt, you ask? A loot bag with a number of goodies, including this Lego Air Stomper racecar! "Just what I wanted! Thank you!!" :=) 10/10/11

Helping make his own chocolate birthday cake (for the family party that evening, aside from the mini-golf cake at his friends' party two days prior) 10/10/11

One of his fun bday presents: bowling with cousins Reid, Randi, Aunt Lisa & Uncle Alex! 10/15/11

More presents: a suitcase full of fun stuff for the flight to Australia plus cold hard cash from the Younans! (Great expression, eh?! :=) ) 10/15/11

We start another year of Lord Projects with this days-of-creation box - here, Day 1: Separating light from darkness 10/15/11

...Did that Lord project look familiar? They run on a 3-year cycle. Here's the same cute boy, doing the same cool project, three years ago! :=> 09/18/08

Day 2: Waters above & waters beneath 10/15/11

Day 2, three years ago :=) 09/21/08

Day 3: Land and seas, and vegetation 10/15/11

Bedtime stories with Grammy :=) 10/17/11



While Grammy was here, we attended the Lord's New Church Autumn Festival - and Zach ran into his old playschool buddy, Kendra! (They're showing us their ghost face-paintings) 10/22/11

Day 3, 2008 --- too cute!! :=> (Oh my golly, how time flies... Mommy hardly remembers him being this little!?...) 09/24/08


Pumpkin picking at Hellerick's Farm -- Daddy's a crazy driver! :=D 10/23/11

Supper out with Grammy - a nice family snapshot :=) 10/23/11

Helping Daddy fix the bathroom fan, through the attic! 10/29/11

Zach helping prepare his Hallowe'en costume (any guesses?...) 10/25/11

(Did that ring any bells? -Here, same boy, same smock, same paint, different costume!) 10/25/09

(Two years ago's costume) 10/31/09

It snowed - real snow, not just a dusting - two days before Hallowe'en! :=O 10/29/11

Zach's prechool class, in their Hallowe'en costumes! :=) 10/31/11

Ta-da, here's Zach in his full Mickey Mouse regalia! -And btw the little pumpkin is his: Mommy carved the face he drew 10/31/11

We were offering Hallowe'en-themed pencils along with our candy, this year. Zach decided to stick this note + pencil on the front door :=) 10/31/11

"Pick a pencil but not this one" :=D 10/31/11

Zachy Mouse reveling in his loot collection! 10/31/11





Some cute Zach-isms:

- Daddy & Mommy really enjoy watching/ hearing Zach dialoguing with his stuffed animals -- providing both sides of the conversation! And, on one particular occasion, during quiet time in the other room, it sounded like a bit of an argument... with himself? one of his imaginary buddies?... :=>

- Zach sometimes uses doilies in his craft projects. He accidentally asked for a 'hanky' - a few times, even after being corrected. :=D Cute! (Doily, hanky, it's all the same, right?!)

- One of Zach's favourite affirmative responses is "Awesome!"

- We know he's enjoying communicating through writing when we stumble upon the occasional "I love you Daddy" and "Hi Mommy!! I love you Mommy" :=>


- Zach still occasionally enjoys playing a game of saying something silly then winking (thank you Aunt Val :=> ), and after one such game he once reported to Mommy that he 'wank' :=D [It makes sense, after all --- drink, drank, sink, sank, wink, wank...]

- After Disney World, Zach was all juiced up with ideas for pretend rides, at home! For example: The 3 Little Pigs Ride: "Actually, it's a roller coaster but it's all dark. There's a slide, but you have to jump out of your car (shaped like a 3 Little Pig's head) and then it's still dark outside but you're supposed to jump into the wolf's mouth*; you go down a dark slide, in curly coops [sic] like circles; you go upside down then upright then upside down then upright. At the end there's 2 dump trucks that are like 2 slides, actually they ARE slides, just straight slides, they go straight down & they're light, so you can see, but they're fast. You come out then you just come flying; you were already in the air when you finished the slide. You jump into a hole and then just go down and then another slide will go down and then up and then down, then there's the other dump truck slide - you just go straight down and then the ride's finished. *After the wolf slides you go shooting out some pretend fire, and then you just go into your car (3 Little Pigs car); it's like a fast dark wolf slide, you just go zooming into your car. [Imagine the hand motions accompanying this description!] The ride will take you to a dump truck slide, straight down and then up down up down up down and then up and then down. [Somewhere in here was a dump truck slide that goes diagonal... So, to recap:] (1) Dump truck slide that goes straight down (2) Up & down slide, straight to the (3) diagonal slide - And then it's just done." 07/23/11 (...Ok, so this story belongs on the July-August page, but I wanted to spread out the fun! :=D )

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