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Zach and family spent the fall (September, October & part of November) with Jenn's family in Toronto, Ontario, Canada while Todd did his 10-week Theological School practicum at the Olivet New Church. It was a BUSY autumn!!

(Still in Horsham) Zach has an idea... this time involving bungee cords and a magnifying glass. Hmm. 09/02/10

Zach's first day of play school! :=) (At Olivet New Church School) 09/07/10

Zach & Grammy enjoying a good book ("The Little Engine That Could") (this is the one shot of Zach after flying into a post at the playground -- NO real evidence of anything on his forehead!? :=D Hooray for Arnica gel!!) 09/13/10

Bedtime stories with Aunt Karie 09/15/10

A goodnight hug from Grampa :=) (Grampa's congestive heart failure is taking its toll... He's on oxygen and sleeps a lot these days) 09/26/10

Daddy & Zach drove to Indianapolis for cousin Samantha's baptism 10/03/10

Cousins Samantha and Zach 10/03/10

:=) 10/03/10


Zach got to meet lots of friends & relatives while in TO - here, enjoying a good book with Aunt Chloe & Uncle Bruce (Grampa's brother) 10/06/10

Uncle Bruce's little helper :=) 10/07/10

Zach & Mommy making his birthday cupcakes for play school! 10/06/10

Enjoying the cupcakes with his classmates at the Olivet New Church Play School 10/08/10

Where there is Daddy/Uncle Todd and boy(s), there is roughing up! :=D 10/10/10

A glimpse of a Jorgenson family Thanksgiving 10/10/10

Thanksgiving day also happened to be Zach's birthday - he's FOUR!! 10/10/10

Zach and his carnival-themed bday cake! 10/10/10

(Complete with mini sparklers! :=D ) 10/10/10

Grammy, Grampa & Zach on his bday 10/10/10

And so begins his career in photography... 10/11/10

Samples of Zach's work - lunchtime avocadoes 10/12/10

Travel alarm clock 10/12/10

His finger 10/12/10

Miss Vilma! :=D 10/12/10

Ahh, that's better. (Grampa's primary visiting nurse) 10/12/10

Zach's four-year-old chair picture 10/10/10

(How handy that Grampa has a big black chair!) 10/10/10 See comparative chair pics here

Still enjoying that camera! 10/19/10

None too happy about being gussied up for picture day! 10/20/10

Fortunately, he cheered up in time for the real thing. (His hair relaxed, too!) 10/20/10

A game of "Go Fish" with Grammy 10/21/10

Ever the super traveller - here on our way to St. Lazare, Qc 10/22/10

Enjoying a visit with Emily & Adam (and Mr. & Mrs.) Dalton :=) 10/23/10

Posing with the birthday girl :=) 10/27/10


The farmer, his wife, and their "fah-wum" (farm). :=D 10/31/10


Some cute Zach-isms:

- Zach surprises some of us with his vocabulary: "upper case," "lower case," "ottoman" - such grown-up words for such a little guy!

- Zach to Daddy as Daddy was Zach-pressing him: "You told me not to have fun, but I'm having too much fun!" :=D (This becomes a recurring theme in our lives... Zach having too much fun!) (And prohibiting him from having too much fun has the pleasant result of putting him at ease in new situations!)

- "Does the Lord have freckles?" "That's a good question! The Word says we're made in the image of the Lord, so maybe, yes." "I think the Lord has freckles." :=>

- "What are you doing, Daddy?" "Resting." "...Here, you need a buddy." "Thanks, Zach." "...Do you want me to turn the lights off?" "Sure, please. Thanks!" (Such a little caregiver! :=) )

- Zach confuses Mommy a bit when he refers to the "fisherman" during play; she then realizes he's talking about the "Fisherman Price" (Fisher Price) figures! :=D

- Zach & Mommy heaped wood chips into a 'volcano'; after explaining "errupt," we "errupted" them - "Let's make them interrupt, Mommy!"

- He tells his first knock-knock joke! "Knock knock." "Who's there?" "Nobody." "Nobody who?" "...Nobody." (Let the fun begin! :=) )

- Zach takes Grampa's illness in stride, more interested in his vomit than repulsed. :=} He doesn't shy away from him, and gladly gives him very gentle good-night hugs. Grampa left us for the spiritual world on October 28, 2010. You'll forever be in our hearts, Grampa! xoxoxo

heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart

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