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Zach 'helping' Daddy work on the Z (those are wheel nuts on his fingertips, btw!) 09/06/09

Zach & Mia hopping around 09/07/09

-Having a blast making bread ! 09/12/09

Our first visit to the Morris Arboretum - Mia showing Zach the way :=) 09/14/09

Mia & Zach in the bird's nest, at the Arboretum 09/14/09

Zach & his BESTEST buddy, Big Lambie :=> 09/30/09

Second-cousin Calvin's 3rd birthday party - a musical parade! 10/04/09

There is nothing wrong with Zach's imagination; it's working beautifully! :=> 10/07/09


'Volleyball' with Aunt Lisa and soon-to-be cousin Randi! :=) 10/03/09


An early birthday dinner with Aunt Lisa, soon-to-be-Uncle Alex, . . . 10/09/09


. . . Uncle Robbie & Aunt Crystal 10/09/09

Happy 3rd birthday, Zach! :=D (We hid this present à la "Secret Birthday Message" (Eric Carle), which he loved; and, he even correctly guessed what his present was - a (mini) trampoline!) 10/10/09

Zach's birthDAY - a visit to Happy Tymes with Grandma & Grandaddy! 10/10/09

Zach's birthday cake :=> (Mommy had a blast, btw!) 10/11/09

His birthday party - fun! :=) 10/11/09

Doing his 'Garden of Eden' Lord Project 10/13/09

The three musketeers! 10/16/09

Another Lord project - 'The Good Samaritan' (Whomever thought up a project involving bandaids was *brilliant*!) 10/17/09

Helping paint his Hallowe'en costume 10/23/09

Zach & Daddy at the Hatboro fair - on 'Castle Mania,' which earned the justification of the admission bracelet! 10/25/09

The carousel - another 'frequent flyer' ride ! 10/25/09

He did the Castle so many times, the ticket lady joined him in the fun! 10/25/09

Ditto with the carousel man! :=D 10/25/09

Mommy & Zach preparing our Hallowe'en pumpkins! (Mommy carving, Zach painting) 10/31/09

The fruits of our labours ("Cheeeeese!") 10/31/09

Et voilà, la pièce de résistance - Zach, the backhoe driver ! 10/31/09

Happy Hallowe'en, everybody ! 10/31/09



Zach cutenesses: He can hum, and we can recognize the tune! * He also enjoys music class with Mrs. Tara Smith - participating quite fully! * Zach recognizes a number of vehicles, in addition to FedEx, UPS & Schneider - Jeep, Audi, Numbercedes :=) , Beetle & 'mailman' trucks. (He is his father's son, after all . . .) * Zach 'smashes' Daddy, Daddy says, "Someone smashed me!" Zach replies, "That was me!" :=) * "Spin your almonds around five times, then put them in your mouth." (ok, . . .) * "I put some holes in Daddy's (pretend/flour-and-spices) birthday cake, so he can see the basement." (...Oh?) * For a time, Mr. Zach liked to get out of the racecar shopping cart, at the Giant supermarket, and "do silly things" - twirl, shake his head, land on the floor.. . "Want to do another silly thing, Mommy?" * "Do you want my pretend instrument, Mommy?" "Yes, thank you! What kind of instrument is it? How do I play it?" (Strumming motion with both hands at tummy) "It's like a tambourine, but it's a... a turtle instrument." :=) * "Pop-pickle" = popsicle; "punkping" = pumpkin; "mapmeng" = napkin * "Let's go to that kind of (pretend) fair. It's a rectangle fair." (...If you say so!) * To toy cow in tractor with farmer, after zooming it around on the floor causing cow to fall out: "It's ok, cow, the farmer was just driving fast. It's a fast ride. Are you ok, cow? The farmer didn't mean to throw you." * To McQueen (racecar) sticker on note pad: "I have to eat my broccoli, then sit on the potty, then get ready for nap. Ok, McQueen? Ok." :=>

Woah! I just realized that we don't have an "I'm 3 years old" chair shot! :=O I'll get right on that.

Stay tuned...

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