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A new friend arrived, from Mauritius... We promptly introduced him to the Duckworths and Five Crowns! 2015-11-10

Zach helps at yet another school working bee. (Good on ya, mate!) 2015-11-14

Next Lego NXT creation: the line follower. (These electrical tape lines remained on our kitchen floor for MONTHS! -nearly a year, now, on our basement floor! :=D )2015-11-15

Two boys enjoying popscicles on the porch 2015-11-20

Daddy gave Zach NXT programming books as a lark (he intended to read them, himself) - Zach dove right into them, reading them cover to cover! 2015-11-20

Zach isn't fond of mangoes, but when it comes to mango lassis (mango + milk + yogurt), he's all in! (A delicious way to launch the summer mango season!) 2015-12-02

Zach's school hosted a good ol' fashioned bush dance - complete with Todd's smoked meats (bottom left), yum!! 2015-11-28

The band & caller did a great job - as did the dancers! 2015-11-28

Zach and Mommy l-o-v-e their paleo pumpkin granola - even better when he helps make it! (Which has only happened this once, so far,......) 2015-12-08

After 3½ years, Zach's leaving Stage 2... We'll all miss his beloved Pam & Zac! (Fortunately, we'll still see them around!) 2015-12-10

Zach did a good job delivering his lines - memorised! - in his school's end-of-year concert 2015-12-10

Time for some summertime fun! 2015-12-10

We've gotten a (live!) tree, we're ready to decorate for Christmas :=) 2015-12-13

Carols by candlelight at Roseville New Church 2015-12-13

Slip 'n' slide fun! (We're still getting used to Christmas in summer...!) 2015-12-14

Movie night at church - Christmas-style! (We showed a secular movie and this short Christian one, 'The Very First Noël'. If only there were a full-length children's movie about the REAL reason for the season!) 2015-12-15

Zach and friends performed well as shepherds in our traditional Christmas pageant 2015-12-20

Watching cement mixers outside the neighbours' house... It just never gets old! 2015-12-23

Our Christmas eve tradition: decorating the gingerbread house! 2015-12-24

(...Which was made of graham crackers, this year!) Zach didn't especially want his picture taken... 2015-12-24

Exhibit 'B' ;) 2015-12-24

We shared our Christmas <eve> smoked turkey dinner with Amanda and David. The more, the merrier! :=) 2015-12-24

These are the goons that live in this house... 2015-12-24

We finally have Christmas lights! :=D Ahh, festive. 2015-12-24

Happy birthday to You, Lord! 2015-12-25

Time to 'do' the tree 2015-12-25

Ahh, yes... :=D 2015-12-25

Daddy & Zach enjoy some Calvin & Hobbes 2015-12-25

Zach sent his parents on a wild goose chase...! 2015-12-25

Our church family. :=) -A very merry Christmas from us to you! 2015-12-25

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