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chocolate shop

Hallowe'en over, Zach set up shop and began "selling" his candies. Yum! 2013-11-01

big lambie

Zach's bestest buddy, Big Lambie :=) 2013-11-02

drawing with the buddies

Zach likes to play 'school' with his buddies; today they all drew pictures 2013-11-02

new bug

Wuh-ho! Daddy's got a new toy! 2013-11-07

ridin' in the bug

:=) 2013-11-08


A little after-school taekwondo 2013-11-08

golfing on driveway

Golfing on Baringa's driveway (the incline's a bit of a handicap!) 2013-11-16

golfing with julian

Mr. Duckworth is taking a putt at it, too! 2013-11-17

fancy mini golf hole

(This hole is a tricky one!) 2013-11-17

fruit fly

Zach very sweetly - and spontaneously - created a special snack for our lunch guests: "fruit flies" :=D 2013-11-17


The age-old game of dominoes. Great for.... making codes with. :=] 2013-11-13

playground fun

Playgrounds don't hold quite the allure for Zach that they used to; now they're most fun when converted into contraptions (even with friends present!) :=) 2013-11-23

must play video games

On the long walk home from the playground, Zach & friends orchestrated a coordinated chant: "Must play video games" 2013-11-23

lori's bday

We joined Lori & family for her birthday celebration at Carss Park 2013-11-30

seal show

We finally visited Taronga Zoo! He said the seal show was his favourite, so here's a glimpse for you 2013-12-01


Look what else we found at the zoo! :=D 2013-12-01


(What a view, eh?!) 2013-12-01

happy boys

:=) 2013-12-01


Mommy joined Zach's class on an excursion to the Australian Museum to see the Tyrannosaur exhibit! 2013-12-06


Mr. & Mrs. Longstaff worked with Zach on this contraption: do you think they can close the door with the basketball? 2013-12-08

running with h

At the playground after school, Zach's friend challenged him to run a few times around the playground. Voilà. 2013-12-10

boardgame #1

Then began Zach's phase of constructing board games. 2013-12-11

intently cutting

(Intently cutting...) 2013-12-11

boardgame #2

Here's board game #2 (somewhat convoluted!) 2013-12-12

musical snowmen

Zach was given these singing snowmen four years ago - he's still loving them! (And we're graced with their singing "We wish you a merry Christmas" over.. and over.. and over... :=> ) 2013-12-15

musical snowmen 2009

:=) 2009-12-10

musical bear pilot

(Growing boy!) 2013-12-15

star on tree

Zach had the honour of putting the last ornament on the tree: the star 2013-12-15

AU ornaments

...Then he organised the Auburn ornaments,... 2013-12-15


Thems is wrasslers, them boys (Sometimes Zach just BEGS for it!! Not literally, but.. he sure eggs Daddy on!! :=D ) 2013-12-15

carols @ roseville

We drove up to Roseville New Church for their annual Carols by Candlelight (a tradition across Australia at Christmas time). The kids got to 'fly' origami birds for Carol of the Birds 2013-12-15

SMS end of year concert

Zach's school's end-of-year concert 2013-12-16


School's out!! Time to PLAY! :=) 2013-12-16

z likes to read 02

...Have we mentioned that Zach likes to read? :=) (It goes in waves -- and he's only rarely allowed to read at the table!) 2013-12-18

anticipating jamberoo

"So, Zach, how do you feel about going to Jamberoo water park today?" 2013-12-18


"Yaaaaaaay!!!" 2013-12-18

decorating gingerbread men

Carefully decorating gingerbread cookies 2013-12-21

which one?

Which one to eat? Which one... 2013-12-21


Chomp! 2013-12-21

woronora dam

We visited Woronora Dam with Jason & Donna (and Zach was thoroughly bored, alas!) 2013-12-22

pageant angels

Despite sticking his tongue out for pictures :=\ Zach did a good job as an angel in the church Christmas pageant 2013-12-22

jeopardy prep

Zach saw Daddy's 'Christmas Jeopardy' and decided to build his own game 2013-12-23

jeopardy categories

His categories: codes, sports, karate, machines, games and holidays 2013-12-23

sample q

This was under the 'machines' category ("yes," he'd tell you, he can) (and he isn't talking about Lego; he's invented one, in his own mind!) 2013-12-23


Zach kept close track of Mommy & Daddy's correct answers (Daddy won!) 2013-12-23

christmas eve dinner

The boys enjoying our lovely Christmas Eve dinner of smoked turkey, sweet potatoes and cherries-asparagus-and-haloumi-on-rocket salad) 2013-12-24

silly zach01

( That wasn't an easy photo to get...) 2013-12-24

silly zach02

(...As you can see!) 2013-12-24

zach & mommy

A nice shot of Zach 'n' Mommy :=) 2013-12-24

all three of us

Finally, a picture of all THREE of us! 2013-12-24

playing the wine glass

Mommy taught Zach the art of playing the wine glass 2013-12-24

garbage out

Tomorrow may be Christmas day, but - believe it or not - they *will* be collecting garbage just the same! 2013-12-24

pacific ave

We headed out (in the drizzlilng rain) to take in the sights & lights on Pacific Ave - here, six white boomers! 2013-12-24


Christmas Eve... the tree! :=) 2013-12-24

excited z

"Settle down, son! Stop having so much fun!" :=D (Opening our stockings ~ he was focused, that's all!) 2013-12-25

letters from z

The BEST stuff in Mommy's stocking heart("To Mommy, No matter what I and/or you do I will allways love you :) from Zach, your son" + "I love you Mommy! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo and 100 more x's and o's :) love from Zach, your son") :=) 2013-12-25

jesus bday scones

Our birthday tribute to the Lord: bacon scones! 2013-12-25

biggest gift

Not too surprisingly, Zach chose THE BIGGEST gift to open first :=) 2013-12-25


A-ha: a two-wheeled scooter! 2013-12-25

giving it a spin

He took it for a little test drive right away... :=) 2013-12-25

distributor of gifts

Zach did a good job of distributing gifts evenly, back and forth between each of the three of us, waiting until one was done before delivering the next 2013-12-25

which to play with first?!

He was very excited contemplating which present to play with first (from his organised stash, of course)! 2013-12-25


"Cooool!" :=) 2013-12-25

microchargers won

(The microchargers track won, by the way) 2013-12-25

messy LR

The classic post-Christmas-present-opening living room mess :=) 2013-12-25

Mommy's puzzles

This was another of Mommy's stocking stuffers from Zach 2013-12-25

gingerbread house

Zach reeeeally wanted to 'do' a gingerbread house. Voilà! (Maybe a bit more of a shack, but... close!) 2013-12-25

gingerbread house interlude

...Not sure what inspired it, but Zach broke into a Gangnam Style diddy out of nowhere :=D 2013-12-25


Finally: we eat! :=) Yummmm. 2013-12-25

feeding lorikeets

Max really enjoys feeding the lorikeets! 2013-12-27


Zach's first game of REAL Monopoly! Ahh... Welcome to the big leagues, son. 2013-12-29


We finish the year off with 9pm fireworks at Brighton-le-Sands, a modest drive from home. HAPPY NEAR YEAR, everyone!! :=) All the best for 2014. 2013-12-31







A further glimpse into Zach:

- Zach got his first real introduction to American football in November: first at the university level, Auburn vs. Georgia! Daddy answered a lot of questions along the way.... ("Yay! --is that good?") :=)

- The very next morning he got to watch his first NFL game: Philadelphia vs. Washington!

- Remember the jeopardy question about whether he can build an airplane? Zach has invented a car and a spaceship (all in his mind, so far) and is eager to make them FOR REAL! Both are powered by big fans, using battery power,...

- Zach (with and without Mommy) has been reading the book "Aquila", about two boys who stumble upon a spaceship... It is fuelling his imagination! :=)

- It can be difficult to get Zach outside to play, so Mommy sometimes drags him (almost literally) out there with her. Sometimes Zach comes up with some really clever games, like one of challenges (for Mommy to attempt, not him!): fetch the tennis ball & toss it into the air as she runs back to her spot, throw the ball to Zach so that he catches it while running,... (Inspired by a particular video game, it would seem!) Hey, at least he was running around and getting sun & fresh air! :=) And using his brain, too.
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