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organizer boyOur organizer-boy enjoyed sorting his Hallowe'en loot (red-wrapped candies in the red bin, yellow in the yellow,...) 2012-11-01

climbing ropes @ DH

Climbing to new heights at Darling Harbour 2012-11-04

fountain fun @ DH

The Darling Harbour fountains never get old! :=) 2012-11-04

playground fun with Raghav & Ethan

Zach and some school friends (Raghav & Ethan) at the park after school 2012-11-06


zach in chair 01

Whoops! Forgot to take Zach's chair picture for his bday. He is SIX (and change)!! 2012-11-11

zach in chair 02

For pictures of Zach in The Chair through the ages, click here 2012-11-11

zach @ orchard

Zach chillaxin' on a class excursion 2012-11-15

raghav zach & hayden

Raghav, Zach & Hayden 2012-11-15

zach & hex bug track

Grammy's bday parcel arrived, woohoo! 2012-11-15

all-terrain biking

Pushing our bikes up an imbikable path :=]2012-11-17

by the stream

Enjoying a little nature hidden in the city! (well, suburbs) 2012-11-17

not sure what he's doing...

Some... made-up game or other 2012-11-17

keeping score in othello

Zach keeping close score of Daddy & Mommy's game of Othello... :=) 2012-11-18

crazy push-ups

Super-Zach suddenly compelled to do some crazy push-ups! 2012-11-24

helping make cornbread dressing

He helped prepare the Thanksgiving feast! (Here, cornbread dressing) 2012-11-24

thanksgiving feast

Celebrating our first American Thanksgiving abroad, with fellow expats Mike & Kerry Lockhart and Murray & Lori Heldon and never-experienced-it-before Ruth & Julian Duckworth! :=) 2012-11-24

watching roof cleaners

Have you ever watched them clean a terra cotta roof? Neither had we! (They wear big sponges on their feet! :=D ) 2012-11-26

at park w/raghav

Raghav & Zach hangin' 2012-11-30

first day of december

December 1 = first Christmas preparations! :=) 2012-12-01

setting up representation

Zach carefully sets up the children's representation 2012-12-01

topping the christmas tree

We set up the Christmas tree a bit early, since Uncle Robbie, Aunt Crystal & Samantha would be coming to visit! -Zach put on the final touch: the star 2012-12-02

zach & samantha on rob

They're here!! Uncle Rob, Samantha & Zach have some good fun :=) 2012-12-07

samantha & uncle todd

Samantha & Uncle Todd had some very silly times together! 2012-12-07

zach & samantha in chair

Beiswenger cousins! :=) 2012-12-07

zach on whirlpool descent

Darling Habour swirl pool (...we don't often see out-takes of Zach; here's a classic! :=D ) 2012-12-08

zach & samantha @ DH

Samantha & Zach enjoying the water at Darling Harbour! 2012-12-08

zach loves the fountains

Zach does enjoy those fountains... :=) 2012-12-08

todd & zach w/Opera House

After church we head out for a Sunday Funday ~ to Manly! Here are Daddy & Zach on the ferry 2012-12-09

zach & seagulls @ Manly

Chasin' seagulls at Manly Beach 2012-12-09

in the waves @ Manly

Samantha, Aunt Crystal, Zach & Uncle Rob enjoying the Pacific Ocean 2012-12-09

potential surfer?

...Future surfer? :=) 2012-12-09

funny moves @ Manly

Cutie Zach bouncing around the beach :=) 2012-12-09

"enjoying" blue mtns

Three Sisters and two guys (-a grouchy boy, at that. Yikes!) 2012-12-09

zach & spaghetti

End-of-year school concert - Mr. Spaghetti! 2012-12-12 (twelve-twelve-twelve!)

end-of-year school concert

Zach's entire school in the end-of-year school concert 2012-12-12

zach samantha & wallaby

Feeing the friendly wallaby @ Featherdale Wildlife Park 2012-12-13

mama roo & joey too

Cute baby joey in mama's pouch! Peek-a-boo, little one! :=) 2012-12-13

jenn zach todd & koala

Petting the koala! 2012-12-13

todd & zach @ zoo

"Were you raised on a farm?!" 2012-12-13

samantha & zach in hats 01

Cutie little Santas! :=> 2012-12-14

samantha & silly zach 01

"....What are you doing??" 2012-12-14

samantha & silly zach 02

"I don't know this crazy kid..." 2012-12-14

samantha & silly zach 03

Zach's doing his best to be cheery and goofy! :=) 2012-12-14

samantha & zach 04

"(If I ignore him, surely he'll go away...)" 2012-12-14

samantha & silly zach 05

She smiles! (And he's a total ham!! :=D ) 2012-12-14

zach generating electricity

Generating electricity at the Powerhouse Museum! 2012-12-14

zach & todd static ball

Look at that electric arc! 2012-12-14

todd forehead to static ball

"Let's see what happens when I put my forehead on the ball..." 2012-12-14

zach & samantha on seesaw

Fun times! :=) 2012-12-14

cracking up with todd

Daddy/Uncle Todd is SO SILLY!! 2012-12-14

christmas sparklers

R, C & S have left. Next stop for us: Roseville carols by candle - er, sparkler-light! 2012-12-16

grammy arrives!!

Next visitor: GRAMMY!! Welcome to Oz!! :=) 2012-12-19

jenn zach grammy & opera house

Our first Sydney outing with Grammy - Mosman Bay + Botanic Gdns 2012-12-23

grammy zach jenn & bridge

Outside the Opera House with Grammy 2012-12-23

hnc tableaux

HNC's Christmas pageant (Zach's the second shepherd from the left) 2012-12-23

zach & representation

Setting up the 'adult' representation with care 2012-12-24

christmas eve feast

Christmas Eve feast! -complete with crackers, crowns & trinkets 2012-12-24

heading out for christmas eve fun

Heading out for our first Christmas Eve down under: heading to Pacific Avenue! 2012-12-24

visiting santa on pacific ave

Santa made an appearance and handed out lollies to the kids! 2012-12-24

aussie christmas decoration

An auathentic *AUSSIE* Christmas decoration. :=) 2012-12-24

christmas day!

Our first Christmas down under. Let the festivities begin! 2012-12-25

opening presents

"Ahhhh! The crane (which we purchased in PA back in June)!!" 2012-12-25

zach in silly glasses

Hey there, handsome! 2012-12-25

zach & crane

The crane............ 2012-12-25

jenn & zach twistering

Twister fun! 2012-12-25

jenn & zach twistering 02

Reeeeeach! 2012-12-25

zach & todd twistering

Left foot red... 2012-12-25

fun at the beach!

We didn't make it to the beach on Christmas Day, but did on the 28th! 2012-12-28

zach & big snake!

BRAVE BOY!! :=D (Symbio Wildlife Park) 2012-12-31

feeding the roos with grammy

Feeding the 'roos with Grammy 2012-12-31

fireworks on the harbour

New Year's Eve fireworks on the Harbour! 2012-12-31

sleepyhead heading home

Whew; LATE night. 2012-12-31


A further glimpse into Zach:

- We've gotten into the habit of pizza & a movie on Friday nights; needless to say, Zach is seeing a fair number of movies! Daddy asked him whether he prefers 'Madagascar' or 'The Incredibles', to which Zach responded, "Madagascar... because there are no bad guys." :=) We love his innocence!!

- Thanks to this weekly movie habit, Zach's current favourite song is "I like to move it move it" -- he sings it and plays it on the iPod daily! Over, and over, and over.....

- As a matter of interest, we measured Zach right before packing up for Oz (February) and again in mid-November: he grew 2.5" in those 9mos, to nearly 4 feet tall!

- Zach's OTHER most favouritest song these days is "Gangnam Style" ~ all the rage amongst 6-year-old boys! We enjoyed googling parodies of it, too, including "O-o-orange nya-nya style" ("heeeey, flexy grapey" :=D )

- We like to recognize the 'reason for the (Christmas) season' by putting birthday candles into a special Christmas morning breakfast and singing "Happy Birthday dear Lo-ord" :=)

- We had hoped to go to the beach on Christmas Day, just to be able to say that we had been to the beach on Christmas Day! Unfortunately, it rained cats & dogs on the 25th...... Alas!

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