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Jack, Mia & Zach 'fishing' off the bridge at Briar Bush Nature Center 11/04/11


Reading "Amelia Bedelia" with Aunt Karie 11/05/11


Jack's birthday party was at an INDOOR WATERPARK!! :=D 11/11/11

Zach reading before bed 11/14/11


Creation Day 4: The sun, moon & stars (and Zach, very carefully placing the stars around the moon!) 11/16/11

Tee-hee! Day 4, 2008 09/30/08


Day 5: Living creatures in the water, birds in the air 11/16/11

Day 5, 2008 09/30/08

Day 6: Land animals & people 11/16/11

We visit the Philadelphia Zoo with the Bakers! Here, Analiese, Zaniya, Zach & Joey pet a goat 11/19/11

Analiese & Zach at the zoo :=) 11/19/11

Day 6 of 2008 - remember the flying people? :=D 10/13/08

Zach, Mia & Jack get to experience Billy Jonas once again! :=D 11/20/11





Zach & Daddy enjoy a rousing game of Monopoly Junior with cousins Erik & Alec 11/21/11





In an unprecedented display of sweetness, when Mommy was feeling sad & frustrated, Zach made her a sign declaring "I love you so much Mommy I love you so much to [sic] Zach love from Zach and Daddy" :=} Be still, my beating heart! -He then also made one for Daddy, and later casually suggested that someone should make one for him, too. :=> Mommy gladly obliged (and my, how he glowed! :=D ) 11/26/11

Mia's costume/cave birthday party! (Mia (dressed as... a veterenarian?) is second from left, "Super Zach" is third from right (in green, of course), Jack is to his right 11/27/11

Preparing to spelunk in Briar Bush's indoor cave during Mia's cave party! (First three behind the guide are Mia, Jack & Zach) 11/27/11

The Thanksgiving "Thank-you wreath" Lord project 11/29/11

Zach making toys with his rubber, paint and leather machines... :=) 12/01/11




Zach and his super-duper awesome cousin-in-law sitter Erica! :=> 12/05/11




Cousins Samantha & Zach playing at Samantha's house (Mommy drove to Indianapolis to help with Samantha during the birth of her baby sister, Hope, who spent her two days fighting for her life. :=( Zach, Daddy, Aunt Lisa and Granddaddy joined us for the memorial services.)12/06/11

Zach & Daddy riding the "ring of fire" (carnival ride) on Uncle Rob & Aunt Crystal's ellipticizer :=) 12/06/11

He quite enjoyed Aunt Crystal & Uncle Robbie's jacuzzi tub, especially as it kicked up crazy amounts of bubbles when there was a bit too much bubble solution in there! :=D 12/08/11

Back home: sometimes Zach just has a little too much ENERGY, and this time Daddy suggested he go push the car up & down the driveway. "Ok!" :=] 12/14/11

Zach's Montessori preschool's Christmas program - singing The Twelve Days of Christmas 12/15/11

We swung by Niagara Falls on our way up to Toronto for Christmas! 12/23/11

Exhibit 'B' (in front of the Canadian falls :=> ) 12/23/11

Christmas morning, opening stockings with Grammy! :=D 12/25/11

Showing us his light-up bouncy ball (woah!) 12/25/11

With Auntie Susan & Aunt Jill :=) 12/25/11

Figuring out his cool little PlayMobil knight with Aunt Karie 12/25/11

With cousin Adam & Uncle Kamil in their handsome Christmas cracker crowns :=) 12/25/11

Big 'hug' (i.e. wrestling) with Daddy and cousins Adam & Ashur 12/25/11

Watching the juice go 'round and through his wacky stocking-stuffer glasses straw :=D 12/26/11

Under the weather? Sad to be leaving? Or just grumpy? -with Grammy (he did sleep a lot on the car ride home, so our vote is for #1) 12/29/11

He cheered up plenty when it came time to open more presents at home! :=D 12/29/11

Zach's explaining something about how this awesome marble track works (thank you, Uncle Rob, Aunt Crystal & Samantha!!) 12/30/11

Belated Christmas with Uncle Alex, Aunt Lisa, cousins Randi and Reid :=) 12/30/11

Enjoying the singing snowman and penguins with Uncle Alex 12/30/11


A fun first attempt at "crosse" ("LAcrosse, Zach") [his Christmas present to Daddy] on a very mild new year's eve - a great way to end the year :=) 12/31/11

Merry Christmas and

Happy New Year,




Some cute Zach-isms:

- Our dear, somewhat obsessive-compulsive, Zach arranged ALL his Hallowe'en candy (all 78 pieces) (yes, you betcha he counted) in a grid of sorts, one for each day... on his bedroom floor, right beside his bed, sitting there waiting for him, night and day. AND he did an excellent job of not caving in and eating them!! (-except for the allotted one per day, which even then he sometimes forgot :=O - but not for long!) He didn't sneak them, either. Well, as far as Mommy & Daddy know. :=) (And, no, he didn't get to have a treat for all 78 days, either! They got put away, somewhere along the way...)

- Speaking of candy (and his organizational nature), the Pez candy he was given for his bday were kept in his two Mickey Mouse dispensers, with a sign reminding him which dispenser held which colour/ flavour, hiding behind the glider in his room. :=>


- Out of the blue, every once in a rare while, Zach decides to bring mommy a bowl of cereal in bed! "Stay here, don't move" - then asks Daddy for help with the milk, and brings a bowl for himself, too. :=) Very sweet!!

- The Sunday School project around Thanksgiving was a "thankful tree," where children wrote their appreciations onto paper leaves and hung them on the tree. Zach's were priceless: six leaves, on which he wrote "Daddy", "Mommy", "Mia", "Jack", "food" and "Lode" (he sounded that one out :=> )


- Once again, Zach has latched onto a young lady at his preschool, again with long, straight, brown hair... :=D

- Does anyone else have experience with their five-year-old experimenting with his/her peripheral vision?? Zach often looks at things straight-on, then as though out of the corner of his eye... Weird! :=} (And, we're hoping, completely normal??.....)

- While Zach continues to explore his will, test his boundaries and express his displeasure (all too often with Mommy, grrr), he is a very happy and sweet kid, at the core. Mommy says this in large part to remind herself. :=} We love ya, Zach!!

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