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Fun with cousin Diana! 11/01/10

While Mommy & Daddy are way out west, Zach comes down with the Chicken Pox! :=O Congratulations, Zach! :=) 11/08/10


Zach's pocky back (Grammy took good care of him, and Mommy returned soon!) 11/09/10

A piggyback ride from Daddy 11/14/10

Back in Horsham . . . Fun in the autumn leaves! 11/21/10

Thanksgiving at Aunt Lisa & Uncle Alex's - yummm pumpkin pie ! (Showing us his cheesy camera smile! :=) ) 11/25/10

Cousin Reid gives fun piggyback rides! 11/25/10

Zach may be growing so quickly, but he's still a little boy who's a little nervous during 'Monsters, Inc.' 11/25/10

Lord Project: John's vision on the isle of Patmos 11/28/10

Christmas must be approaching... we're decorating gingerbread cookies! 12/02/10

Some more Zach photos - the ceiling fan ... 12/05/10

A self-portrait... 12/05/10

Zach's torso... 12/05/10

Another Lord Project - Eli & Samuel 12/15/10

Two musketeers: Mia & Zach (looking at Mia's mommy's camera) 12/17/10

Zach all cozied up in our duvet! 12/18/10

Christmas Eve at Santiagos' - thanks for the cool McQueen race car! 12/24/10

Merry Christmas!! :=) - Opening stockings Christmas morning 12/25/10

Daddy, Uncle Robbie, Zach & the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse racetrack (thanks, Uncle Rob, Aunt Crystal & Samantha!) 12/25/10

Zach picking at his new guitar (thank you, Younans!) (Samantha's watching closely - cute!) 12/25/10

Wrasslin' with Aunt Lisa 12/25/10

Boxing Day Parker 'do' at Grubbs' - enjoying a good book with Aunt Peg :=) 12/26/10

Watching Daddy snowblowing the driveway 12/26/10

Aunt Karie & Uncle Jim are in town! And they bring presents ! (This one not from them,...) (Thanks, Grammy!) 12/27/10

Enjoying a good Pennsylvania winter! :=) 12/29/10

Bedtime tradition: every night, Daddy tries to give Zach kisses and, every night, Zach fights it and tackles Daddy to the ground ! :=D 12/28/10

"No Daddy kisses!" 12/28/10

New Year's Eve at Penn's Landing - Ooooh! Ahhh! (6pm fireworks! :=D Rock on!) 12/31/10

"Booooooom!" 12/31/10

Happy new year, everyone ! ! :=)

Some cute Zach-isms:

- Zach gives Mommy a Mary-and-baby-Lord sticker; "I was going to give you this (other Christmassy) one, but this (Mary & baby Lord) one reminds you of your baby who died." (..Wow?!) (Mommy miscarried @ 9wks during the summer.)

- Daddy & Zach playing in Mommy & Daddy's bedroom with Big Lambie; Zach takes Mommy's thermometer - "This is for Big Lambie, so he doesn't have a stroke." (?!)

- (Of his play school teacher, Mrs. Friesen) - "I think she's cold, because she's Mrs. FREEZE-en." :=D Good one, Zach!

- Zach lets us play cars (etc) with him from the other room - "Are you in?" "Yes!" "Ok - vroom..." :=D

- "Hey, Mommy, this (Brita water filter) gives intricity to this (electric kettle), and this (kettle) gives intricity to this (plastic container)!" :=D Sure thing, kiddo!

- (Zach pushing his big dump truck on the hardwood floor) - "If you're going too fast and you slip & fall, I call that 'You broke my toy, bump!' If you hear me do that, you can say that, ok, Mommy?" (Mommy obliges.) "You did it!"

- Zach loves to mangle words - e.g. 'lentils & couscous' became 'tentils & popcorn'! :=D

- Big Lambie (as narrated by Zach) to Zach: "Eat your vitamins." Z: "Ok." (eats some, leaves the table) BL: "Hey! Eat ALL your vitamins!" Z: "I'll eat them when I'm ready." BL: "Oh, ok." Z runs off to play. :=)

- "La la loo, la la lee, la la la la, doo doo dee, la la lee la la, la lo,... I know I can do the whole puzzle, I know, I know, I can, I can, I can do the whole puzzle... La la loo loo loo..." :=D

- Mommy to Zach, who's cutting stickers: "You like to cut things, don't you?" "Yep. ...That's what kids do!"

- Being 4 years old, he likes to have 4 of things. When Mommy was pouring his cereal and he realized that it was the 4th cereal and he still wanted a 5th (he - like his mother and maternal grand-parents before him - like to have 'cereal salads', i.e. a bit of many different cereals!), he said: "This is a silent cereal" (like a silent 'e' at the end of a word). :=D Clever!!

- "Daddy's made out of plastic, I'm made out of metal, the Grinch (stuffed toy) is made out of paint that's dried up, and Mommy's made out of fur." Ok, Zach, if you say so! :=)

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