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Playing with Grampa! 11/06/09

Riding the carousel with Grammy (The blur gives you an idea of how vigourously they were rocking!) 11/06/09

Settled down for bedtime stories with Grammy 11/06/09

Leaf-pile-jumping. . . 11/09/09

. . . Run, run, run, jump! 11/09/09

Mother & Son :=) 11/11/09

Zach is THREE and a month! 11/10/09

Zach's getting so big! :=) 11/10/09

See comparative chair pics here

Eagerly awaiting 8 o'clock for Special Agent Oso! 11/14/09

Playing cars with Daddy :=) 11/19/09

'Three Wise Men' Lord project 11/19/09

Mia & Jack's dinosaur/airplane cake :=D 11/21/09

[Zach was sick and couldn't even attend the party, sigh!!]

Christmas-coaster-painting assembly line ! 11/22/09

Taking Angela Zikic for a spin in the gator ! :=) 11/26/09

Hey there, Santa ! 12/12/09

Enjoying the musical snowmen :=) 12/10/09

Enjoying the musical chaos. . . :=P (That's Mommy's frowny face - three musical things playing 3 different songs all at once!) 12/10/09

Up to Toronto for Christmas with the Jorgensons! -Here, storytime with Grampa 12/21/09

Merry Christmas!! :=> 12/25/09

More Christmas joy 12/25/09

A lovely Christmas day with the family :=) 12/25/09

Candyland with Aunt Jill 12/25/09

Merry Christmas, Zach ! 12/25/09

More Candyland :=) 12/25/09

Here's a year-ender for you: "If you eat your broccoli, you can dump this cup of water on my head." (Wow, that broccoli disappeared in a FLASH!! :=D ) 12/30/09

Some cute Zach-isms:

-While playing with Daddy, Zach announces that he wants a fancy donut. "What's a fancy donut?" "It's a rectangle and..... shaped like a trumpet!"

- Getting ready for bed : "I want one piece of pajamas." (meaning one-piece pajamas)

- Zach creatively - and logically - refers to a compact fluorescent lightbulb as a "tangled lightbulb."

- Zach very much enjoyed music class with Mrs. (Tara) Smith, drumming, singing songs about frogs & bees & turtles, and jumping on her mini trampoline!

- Zach is a VERY inquisitive little boy!! "What's in bread?" "What's in cashews?" "What animal does broccoli come from?" "Why?" "Why?" "Why??"

- Ivyland New Church's Christmas Tableaux (pageant) were held on the Sunday before Christmas -- one day after a big snow storm. Not many people made it to church, giving Zach the chance to assume almost any role in the pageant. He isn't a 'public' person, apparently: he was quite happy helping Daddy with the lights.


- Zach is a star traveler. As we drove home from Grammy & Grampa's in Toronto, after Christmas, he sang to himself: "Clouds, clouds, clouds,... Gray clouds, gray clouds,... Gray clouds up there,..." "Grammy & Grampa, Grammy & Grampa, ... <which morphed into> Grammy & Grampa to you, Grammy & Grampa to you, Grammy & Grampa to you-ou, Grammy & Grampa to you..." :=)


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