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Go, World Series champion Phillies!! :=D 11/01/08

Another Grammy-and-Grampa visit! 11/09/08

Fun with Grampa 11/10/08

Zach and Winnie the Pooh then . . . 01/13/07

. . . Zach and Pooh now! 11/18/08

Despite all his cool and elaborate toys, Mr. Zach quite enjoys playing with CANS. Huh! 11/26/08

A visit to the Please Touch Museum includes a stop at their pint-sized Shop Rite Store . . . 11/19/08

. . . and a ride on their cool carousel! 11/19/08

(Here's a zoom-in on that carousel picture) 11/19/08

Zach helps blow out the candles at Jack & Mia's 2nd birthday party! 11/26/08

Jack & Mia's party - Jack, Mia, Zach, and Mia's friend, Paityn. 11/26/08

The Christmas season starts with putting up the representation :=) 12/02/08

Zach's first visit with Santa claus! (Zach did a great job, right up until he was expected to sit on Santa's lap... bless his heart!) 12/06/08

Zach prefers to spend the rest of the "visit with Santa at the library" reading with Mr. & Mrs. Abbott and Mia! 12/26/08

Zach loves to be read to. Here, with Daddy, reading the construction trucks book he got from Santa! 12/08/08

Zach spends his first night in his NEW bed! 12/12/08

Our token snowfall - Zach enjoys stomping snowballs!? 12/16/08

Up in Toronto, Zach learns to march with Grampa! :=D 12/21/08

Tobogganing with Daddy on Centennial Hill (p.s.: BRRRRRRRR!! :=\ ) 12/22/08

A milder day - actual FUN in the snow! 12/24/08

:=) 12/24/08

Zach on Christmas morning, at Grammy & Grampa's.

Merry Christmas, everybody ! 12/25/08

What turns out to be Zach's favourite Christmas present: PLAY DOH! Thanks, G&G! :=) 12/25/08

Zach throwing out wrapping paper, without even being asked to. Bless his O.C.D. heart! 12/25/08

With Grammy & Grampa on Christmas morning 12/25/08

Christmas dinner with the whole gang - Zach dons the traditional Christmas cracker crown! :=) 12/25/08

Zach with cousins Ashur (5) & Adam (3 in March) 12/26/08

We sought out Christmas lights while in Toronto, to no real avail. HERE'S the kind of thing we were hoping for! (back in Huntingdon Valley, PA) :=D Wow, eh?! 12/27/08

Zach invited his Beiswenger rellies over for a barbeque - thanks, Zach! (cw: Uncle Rob, Aunt Crystal, Aunt Lisa, Mr. Alex, Daddy & Zach) 12/28/08


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