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I looked really spiffy for Uncle Robbie & Aunt Crystal's wedding!! 11/03/07

Zach playing "with" Mia :=) 11/21/07

Aren't these two just so precious?! 11/21/07

Laundry-basket racing 11/21/07

Zoom, zoom, zoom! 11/21/07

Wheee, this is FUN!! 11/21/07

Zach dancing... 11/22/07

(Can you see that his knees are bent?) 11/22/07

Dancing is serious business! 11/22/07

Fun with Aunt Lisa 11/22/07

zach is a helpful leaf-raker. 11/24/07

Time to play in the leaves! 11/24/07

What's more fun than dumping foam peanuts (..or crayons, or wood blocks,..) on myself?! 11/26/07

Silly boy, funny face! 12/10/07

Truck-watching is *way* more fun than dumping foam peanuts on myself!! 12/14/07


Mia mesmerized by the angel chimes :=) 12/15/07