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Zach began making Lego contraptions with a cool kit 2015-05-02

Happy Mother's Day! 2015-05-10

(<< That shot came only after a fair bit of trial and error! As you can see from the above and following photos...) 2015-05-10



Ahhhh, that Zachy boy....! :=D 2015-05-10

Zach's photo ended up on a nice big banner advertising his school! :=) 2015-05-14

-Then he really was there, on Open Day, too, showing how he did multiplication the Montessori way 2015-05-16

In the air again - we headed out to Perth for a weekend mini-camp 2015-05-29

Anybody who has air hockey is ok by us! 2015-05-30

Daddy (the sole minister on staff) focused on the Exodus story - here, showing a bit of the Ten Commandments movie 2015-05-30

He has us building bricks out of paper, too, to get a feel for the Hebrew slaves' work... 2015-05-30

Zach helped teach brick-making 2015-05-30

Mommy took the kids out for 'Sunday School' - they made pillars of cloud & fire and tried their hands at making manna 2015-05-30

That afternoon, a trip to Mandurah 2015-05-30

The next day we visited the Pinjarra Festival, where Zach was fascinated by this miniature steam engine 2015-05-31

:=) 2015-05-31


Zach missed out on another Vivid! 2015-06-04

Happy 16th anniversary to us! 2015-06-12

We don't see movies in theatres ('the cinema', as Aussies say) often, but this was one that Daddy insisted we see! 2015-06-17

We invited friends over for another night of 'Ice Cream & Ice Age', this time to see movie #2 - and for free, in celebration of New Church Day! (No thematic connection, just fun :=) ) 2015-06-19

We celebrated New Church Day 'for real' on the Sunday, with a luncheon after church (minus our pastor, who was called to Perth for a memorial service!) 2015-06-21

Festivities proceeded as planned, nonetheless. Behold, the great red dragon (piñata)! 2015-06-21

-Then Daddy went to Bryn Athyn for clergy meetings. While the cat was away, the mice did play - enjoying foods that Daddy otherwise would not appreciate! :=D (Wild mushroom cakes, mmm!) 2015-06-25

Max & Zach a) created a hand-powered mixer out of Lego, with which they b) mixed strange and not-so-wonderful concoctions! :=P 2015-06-28

Meanwhile, in other (warmer!) parts of the world,... :=) 2015-06-28







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