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A special home-made card from Zach on Mother's Day :=) 2014-05-11

Mommy's Mother's Day surprise: ice skating!! :=> 2014-05-11

Capping Mother's Day off with a delicious dinner at Firehouse Grill :=) 2014-05-11

Rockdale Salvos cricketers' kiddies at our end-of-season barbecue 2014-05-17

Zach & Daddy playing their favourite racing video game... 2014-05-17

Scootering with pals 2014-05-31

Daddy & Mr. Duckworth did a pulpit swap - and Mr. Duckworth joined us for lunch (and put on a show!) afterwards 2014-06-01

Daddy & Zach's Wednesday routine: Hungry Jack's (Burger King) + Zach's go-karting lesson! 2014-06-04

This was Zach's last class of the season - go, Zachy, go! (He was a very good, and cautious, driver :=) ) 2014-06-04

Zach declined the invitation to come see the Vivid lights. -His loss! 2014-06-02

Celebrating Mommy & Daddy's 15th wedding annivesary with a special breakfast. 2014-06-12

Zach pitches in at his school working bee 2014-06-14

While Mommy had the sewing machine out to work on New Church Day props, Zach tried his hand at it. (As a boy interested in machines and gears, this query made sense!) 2014-06-14

In true Zach/mazes/complicated designs style, he produced something interesting!2014-06-14

Zach and fellow boys were angels combatting the Great Red Dragon in our New Church Day pagent (Hugh, on the left, was the LORD) 2014-06-15

More New Church Day fun: Zach & Dylan doing word puzzles while lunch was being prepared 2014-06-15

-What the boys REALLY came for: battling the Great Red Dragon piñata! 2014-06-15

Zach & Daddy, wrasslin' again 2014-06-16

Then off we set for North America. Travel is more fun with a few games of Uno! (-and movies, and food...) 2014-06-22

We have arrived! On our first morning, we enjoyed a breakfast of doughnuts with Grandma. Yum! 2014-06-23

Trampolining fun with our friends, the Evans boys 2014-06-23

Family lunch at Firebirds!! :=) Grandma, Mommy, Zach, Daddy, Granddaddy, Uncle Alex, Aunt Lisa 2014-06-24

Fun with an old pal :=) (Zach & Jack!) 2014-06-24

Silly kiddies Zach, Lucia & Jack (Those smiles are so yummy!) 2014-06-25

Zach hasn't had much experience with dogs, but he had lots of fun throwing the ball for Zuko! (friend-of-a-friend's dog) 2014-06-27

Pool fun with Joey & Zaniyah 2014-06-28

Uncle Alex & Zach have fun with Transformers 2014-06-28

On The Border (oh yeah!) with Aunt Lisa & Uncle Alex - and his handy-dandy Etch-a-Sketch 2014-06-29

One of Zach's Etch-a-Sketch creations ('HELLO JENN & TOdd I AM ZACH' :=D ) 2014-06-29

<- ^ His previous creation, taken to the next level!! (We have an artist on our hands, I reckon) 2014-06-29







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