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beets & greens

Daddy flew to South Korea (!) for a few days ministers meetings and touring... in his absence, we ate royally of the foods he doesn't like so much! (Greens pie and beets on the side!) 2013-05-01


One of Zach's favourite games: Rube Goldberg-type contraptions! 2013-05-02

SMS front

Have you wondered what Zach's school looks like? This is the front of Southside Montessori. His classroom is on the second floor, next to these windows 2013-05-03

SMS stairs

We go through the gate and around that building we saw, up the stairs.. 2013-05-03

SMS verandah

...Along the verandah... 2013-05-03

SMS Stage 2

...And here's Stage 2, Zach's classroom (6-to-9-year-olds)! (Nextdoor is Stage 3 (9-12yo), which are the windows we saw from the outside, above) 2013-05-03

SMS lunch tables

This is where they have lunch (year-round, unless it's raining!) - the stair railing is at the forefront 2013-05-03

SMS office

The school office is on the left, there, and further down are the Stage 1 and Bumblebee (toddlers) rooms 2013-05-03


Daddy's home from Korea! --and brought a huge Transformer with him!! 2013-05-07

St 2 mother's day

Zach's class had mothers in for a Mother's Day tea, complete with snacks, games and a code for Mommy to decipher :=) 2013-05-10

wilson parking

...What was that about play imitating life? :=D 2013-05-10


"Welcome to Saturday" - the name of his restaurant! (*As of 7mos later, this sign is STILL up there... :=D ) 2013-05-10

Blaxland Riverside Park

After a bike ride near Sydney Olympic Park, we discover a new playground: Blaxland Riverside Park! 2013-05-11

Blaxland park

Woah! Climbing structure! 2013-05-11

budding engineer

Our budding engineer makes a rudimentary telegraph 2013-05-11

mother's day01

Happy Mother's Day! :=) 2013-05-12

mother's day02

Outtake #1... 2013-05-12

mother's day03

Outtake #2... 2013-05-12

mother's day04

Out-take #3... 2013-05-12

mother's day05

Out-take #4 - Nah, that's a keeper! :=) 2013-05-12

mother's day 2007

(Mother's Day when Zach was only 7mos old ~ cuuute!) 2007-05-13

water balloons

Time for water balloons! 2013-05-16

little bang science club

Learning about vortices & the tornado tube! 2013-05-21

walk-safely-to-school day

A little rain didn't keep us from walk-safely-to-school day! 2013-05-24

skype date

Weekly skype date with our best buddies - hooray for modern technology!! 2013-06-08

vivid sydney

Enjoying Vivid Sydney! (See the Opera House in the background?) 2013-06-09


...Who needs fancy toys when he's got a vacuum to play with?! 2013-06-10

happy anniversary

Silly happy-14th-anniversary selfie :=) Priceless quote of the day: "How do you know when you want to get married?" heart2013-06-12

making dyson work

Learning how to make a dead vacuum work 2013-06-12


The best way to get this kid to join Mommy on a walk? Tell him to bring his decoder :=D 2013-06-15

NCDay project

In celebration of New Church Day, we heard the story of the seven-headed dragon and the angel clothed with the sun, and made crowns and shields to be like the angel Michael 2013-06-16


-Those shields came in very handy when the seven-headed dragon paid us a visit!! :=O2013-06-16

blowing out candles

The boys also got to blow out the seven golden lamps(stands) surrounding "One like the Son of Man, clothed with a garment down to the feet and girded about the chest with a golden band" 2013-06-16

lord's prayer

The kids received gifts from the church; Zach's was a hand-coloured, framed copy of the Lord's Prayer 2013-06-16

afterschool zumba

Swingin' it to zumba 2013-06-24

another hang-man

Another great Zach hang-man original :=) 2013-06-29







A further glimpse into Zach:

- Despite a year+ in Australia, Zach is still American at heart: he insists on spelling his name with a 'zee'! :=D


- Montessori teachers don't assign grades, although they do have progress report-type report cards. Zach's teacher (aptly named 'Zac') opened the report by saying, "Zach is a very capable young person." Indeed! :=)

- Zach is *not* a fan of winner/loser games (presumably because of the LOSING part...); Mommy & Daddy often invite him to a game of Monopoly Jr or SkipBo after supper, which Zach usually refuses (despite sometimes winning!), whining instead for a game where there's no winner or loser. ...That's probably a good thing, but sheesh, it's hard to think up non-winning/losing games (especially since these usually entail Zach's rules, which get old!)
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