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Mother's Day! -flowers, an original Zach card and breakfast in bed. This Mommy is very happy :=) 05/08/11


Zach doesn't draw for fun - hence the value of this Sunday School drawing of his family!! :=> 05/08/11

Zach very seldom naps intentionally anymore... This day he was so tired he sacked out (unintentionally) on the couch! 05/20/11

A playschool trip to a local horse farm 05/10/11

Mrs. Friesen, Zach and classmate Owen greet a friendly horse 05/10/11

Zach's Mrs. Friesen-playschool classmates: Elyjah, Fiona, Zach, (Owen swinging back), Markus, Coleman, Kendra, Bray and Ryan 05/10/11

Zach learns about angels getting younger in heaven in this Lord project 05/17/11

Uncle Jim and Zach play a winking game at the restaurant following Daddy's graduation 05/21/11

Zach would say something silly, then "Wink, wink!" (Thanks for the fun game, Aunt Val!) 05/21/11

Daddy's graduation BBQ - at which Zach voluntarily served as doorman. "You have to say the secret password. 'Please may I come out?'" 05/21/11

Presumably Zach's favourite part of the BBQ - Aunt Lisa's chocolate cupcakes, mmm! :=) 05/21/11

The next-best part: playing Dance Dance Revolution with cousins Reid & Randi (he really gets into it, on his little trampoline!) 05/21/11

Enjoying Doylestown Kids' Castle 05/25/11

Looking at pictures on Grammy's phone 05/25/11

Zach spelling 3-letter words on his 'computer' 05/28/11

Making a thank-you card for Mrs. Friesen 05/26/11

A performance on the last day of Mrs. Friesen's playschool - Michael slaying the dragon! 05/26/11

Party time! 05/26/11

No pool? No problem. Slip-n-slide! :=D 05/31/11

A fun slide at Smith Playground 06/03/11

Red light! (...Really, there was!) 06/03/11

Ivyland New Church's 3rd annual BoardWalk fundraiser, this year with Gilda's Club of Delaware Valley - Zach biked all 3 miles! 06/04/11

Belated Memorial Day BBQ - preparing for fireworks! 06/04/11


The Three Musketeers - Zach, Jack & Mia 06/04/11

Zach & Mommy on a settler's ship (replica) at Jamestown Settlement, Virginia 06/07/11

Daddy & Zach in Colonial Williamsburg, VA 06/08/11

Our cute little family in Williamsburg, VA 06/08/11

Colonial Williamsburg 06/08/11

Zach's favourite part of Williamsburg... 06/08/11

THE POOL! :=D 06/08/11

Remember baby Zach in the go-kart? (05/04/07)

Here he is now - my, how he's grown! :=> 06/11/11

Zach happy to be putting 12 candles into Mommy & Daddy's anniversary French toast! 06/12/11

Enjoying the Laser Pegs from Mrs. Novakovic 06/15/11

Painting Daddy's Father's Day card 06/17/11

Hullo. :=) 06/28/11

Some cute Zach-isms:

- "I need to fix my (pretend) carousel. I need to buy more wood. I need to get gopher wood, because it's the strongest." Sure thing! :=)

- Zach enjoys his first two official sleep-overs (besides sleeping over at Grammy & Grampa's) - first at Mia's house, then she at ours! Both kids are *super* troopers, no homesickness (and they're only 4½!), and stay up yammering & reading & playing in their room until all hours! (9:30pm, which is late for these two! :=) )

- Zach uses "Be right back" as both a statement ("I'll be right back!") or as a command ("Be right back, Mommy!") :=D Sure, why not?!

- Zach & Daddy were talking about going up to Grammy & Grampa's, which turned to talk about Grampa being an angel, which prompted Daddy to ask, "Do you miss Grampa?" Z: "Yeah, but I'll see him again after I die." D: "Yeah, you're right." Z: "I'll see him and Dr. Seuss." :=>

- Another time, as Zach & Daddy were walking toward the Williamsburg resort's pool, they found themselves walking behind a man sporting a Speedo swimsuit. Zach asked Daddy, "Why is that man wearing women's underpants?" :=D

- Zach still loves to play fair (carnival). The pretend rides on which he invites Daddy & Mommy to ride (ever the carny/operator, Zach is) include the Slow Fastmobile, a roller coaster, Wobbly Snobbly Silly Machine, Gravitron, a carousel Polar Bear Express and of course the Super Trooper!

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