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Analiese's turn for a spin in the gator ! 05/15/10

Zach & Mommy take a trip up to TO - here, hangin' with cousin Adam under their trampoline 05/25/10


'A is for Anabelle ' with Grammy 05/25/10

Grampa got a pacemaker. Daddy says he's becoming a robot ! 05/22/10

Back home in time for Zach's FAVOURITE time of year and FAVOURITE thing to do: the FAIR ! ! 05/29/10

Jack & Zach on the bear at the fair (rhyme time!)! 05/29/10

Zach, Jack & Mia zooming on the racecars 05/29/10

With Mia on the motorcycle ride - eyyyy ! :=D 05/29/10

Mommy's turn with Zach on a bear 05/29/10

Bumper cars are more Daddy's speed ! 05/29/10

. . . but the BEST ride of all, which he emulates the most in pretend play at home, is the SUPER TROOPER ! 05/29/10

Exhibit 'A' - pretending to ride the Super Trooper 06/01/10

Another fun(ish) excursion, the very next day: the Lulu Shriners circus ! 05/30/10

Zach & Mia share a snow cone at the circus 05/30/10

More fun with the Abbott girls: strawberry picking ! 06/07/10

Zooming along (not) on his new roller skates ! 06/07/10

Zach still likes to work in the kitchen - here, 'baking a cake' 06/07/10

Putting 11 candles into Mommy & Daddy's anniversary cheesecake brownies (followed by a rousing round of ' Happy Anniversary to you'!) :=) 06/12/10

The June 19th 'Tree of Life' Lord Project 06/17/10

Zach's naps are MUCH more scarce; driving anywhere in the afternoon always has the same, invariable result ! 06/17/10

Vacation in the Poconos - Zach enjoyed the paddle boats! 06/19/10

Father & son :=) 06/19/10

Happy family in the Lehigh River Gorge 06/21/10

A boy and the mighty Lehigh River 06/21/10

. . . Unfortunately, the trains are CLOSED on weekdays . . . d'oh ! 06/21/10

Fun with Daddy in the pool :=) 06/22/10

Cowboy Zach got to ride a real, live horse ! 06/23/10

Back to the hum-drum of everyday home life . . . and a game of Caribou Island with cousin Ed ! 06/28/10


Some cute Zach-isms:

- "I love ice cream! I love ice cream! I love it. I mean real love." Another time: "I like ice cream! I sure do."

- "Why did you say 'Oops,' Mommy?" "Why did you say 'Grr,' Mommy?" "Why did you say (sigh), Mommy?" :=D

- Zach's imagination knows no bounds. We sometimes tell made-up stories (called "Michelin Man stories," dating back to the first made-up story based on an ad for Michelin tires in Daddy's Car & Driver magazine...), and his can be QUITE elaborate!! (-and usually not having anything to do with the Michelin Man, anymore, although they still carry his name!)

- Mommy to Zach: "Thanks for putting the chairs around the table without even being told to, Zach! That was very thoughtful and helpful." Zach: "I just want to be a good Samaritan . I want to grow up to be a good Samaritan ." :=) (No-one can fight that !)

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