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Zach's March-April 2016  

-On the Harbour Bridge southern pylon 2016-03-13

(I was glad to have snapped that last shot, because he was in no mood to have his picture taken -- historic landmark or not!) 2016-03-13

We were on the pylon to see Daddy do the Bridge climb -- and voilà! :=) 2016-03-13

Zach's next robot creation <his own brain child>: a floor cleaner! (...Not entirely effective, but pretty clever!) 2016-03-04

Daddy & Mommy do casual merchandising work -- which includes such mundane tasks as straightening these chocolate Easter bunnies! 2016-03-17

Daddy's MX5 Miata had some troubles, this fall ...... :=\ -The good news, though, was that this was the night it was fixed! 2016-03-26

Zach always enjoys a good <Easter egg> hunt... 2016-03-27

-He got more than just chocolate eggs! 2016-03-27

~ Happy Easter, everybody! ~ 2016-03-27

The post-church Easter egg hunt is always a hit, too! ('The more candy, the merrier,' the kiddies might say...) 2016-03-27

Our happy, peaceful Easter family portrait. :=D 2016-03-27

Move over, ham; here's our Easter feast: fajitas! :=) Olé! 2016-03-27

Zach has a way of interfering with our attempts at taking 'normal' photographs... 2016-04-03


:=D 2016-04-03

He gave Daddy a nice, big present for his birthday... 2016-04-03

(Hmmm... Something smells a little fishy!) 2016-04-03

Ah, yes, indeed: inside that big box was a piece of folded paper! 2016-04-03

Mmmmmm! :=) 2016-04-03

-On that piece of paper, in that big box, was printed a gift voucher <paid for in large part with Zach's own money> to go go-karting! :=) They did so, that very night. 2016-04-03

We took another friend up to see the Blue Mountains (-an overdue Christmas present!). 2016-04-09

Another overdue Christmas present - from Canadian rellies to Zach - was some adventures in trees. -But not before he explored the trunk of the car?!... 2016-04-10

Here he is, up in the trees! 2016-04-10


Zach got to participate in a Robo 'camp', during the school holidays. His task with this one was to create a robot that could cross a series of gaps. 2016-04-14

Here, his <new> robot had to travel along two straps (suspended under the ladder), while cluthing a ball, then stop right over the bucket and drop the ball in. 2016-04-14

Back home, some good old fashioned 'torture' :=) 2016-04-15

Next up: Rubicks cube solver! :=D (He didn't make this one up. It's pretty cool!) 2016-04-20

Zach doing braniac computer stuff... (Programming of some sort.) 2016-04-21

Next robot: card dealer! :=D (He did make this one up!?) 2016-04-25


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