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We headed down to Melbourne for a few days -- Zach packed a few toys for the 9-hour drive... 2014-03-04

Here's Zach atop a dog atop a big brass rhino, in Federation Square (Melbourne) 2014-03-04

Although Zach sometimes gets 'bored', his imagination at other times amazes us - such as when he makes a play space out of the area UNDER a sofa-bed... (Melbourne) 2014-03-04

Zach enjoying some adventure in the trees! (near Melbourne) 2014-03-06

The Great Ocean Road and Twelve Apostles were breathtaking! Zach, not so much... (near Melbourne) 2014-03-07

We love Zach's curiosity!! Here, he's learning from one of the maintenance dudes how they're fixing the fence. (Certainly more interesting than the Twelve Apostles themselves!) (near Melbourne) 2014-03-07

Playing chess on a much BIGGER scale! (near Melbourne) 2014-03-08

The *real* reason we went down to Melbourne, actually, was for Todd's cricket mate Tim's and his bride Tori's wedding :=) (Todd MC'd, but didn't officiate) 2014-03-08

Zach & Mommy drove home from Melbourne the next day, while Daddy flew early to make it home in time for church. We stopped to inspect the HMAS Otway, en route. 2014-03-09

The next weekend we paid a visit to the Lockharts up in Tumbi Umbi on the Central Coast of NSW. (Zach's really on a role with this chess thing!) 2014-03-015

On our way home from Lockharts', we happened conveniently upon a Mad Mex restaurant for lunch! Yum... 2014-03-15

For a while we had butcher's paper covering the kitchen table (-brilliant!); Zach perfected his 2-dimensional lettering... (A boy after his mama's own heart :=) ) 2014-03-25

Daddy took Zach to try out one of his favourite hobbies: go-karting! 2014-04-02

Zach's birthday present to Daddy was unique and precious!! ["to Todd from Zach, your son. Remember, I will always LOVE YOU <in code>! translation: Love you! OOOOOOO OOOOOOO P.S. I love u! To daddy from Zach, your son. P.S. 7 O's total OOO( <-halves of an O-> )OOO P.S. 7 O's total] 2014-04-03

Happy birthday, Daddy! :=) 2014-04-03

Sleuther Zach (from 'Finish this Book') 2014-04-08

Super-Dylan and Super-Zach zooming down the hill... 2014-04-17

Zach is excited to hunt for Easter eggs! 2014-04-20

Zach enjoys his Easter egg scavenger hunt, Daddy enjoys videotaping it... (Mommy enjoys taking the still photos!) 2014-04-20

After church there was another, church-sponsored Easter egg hunt, too! (-Rest assured, the Easter service itself was lovely, too; we just don't have any pictures of it!) 2014-04-20

And then, the Easter cookie decorating,... (This is a grand day for sugar, indeed!) 2014-04-20

Zach thoroughly enjoys devouring lots of this usually-forbidden candy! 2014-04-20

-The next day, having enjoyed HIS hunt so much, Zach stages a hunt for Mommy! :=) 2014-04-21

-and for Daddy, too! 2014-04-21

Then a trip down the coast a bit to visit with former school friends at Sharkey Beach 2014-04-22

Father & son get haircuts (chez salon Maman) and play some video games together (-an increasingly popular pass-time!) 2014-04-23

Zach's friend Matthew and his mom invite us to spend the day at Luna Park with them. (Far be it from us to decline such an offer!) 2014-04-27







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