Our visit to Australia! -part one

(Zach's March-April 2012)

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in airplane

Here we go!! :=) 2012-02-26

opening pokemon bag

Finally, he can dig into his Pokemon travel bag! 2012-02-26

finger bingo

Fun - finger bingo! 2012-02-26


Mmmmm, treats! :=> 2012-02-26


Chalk & board - and Zach's first message thereon :=D 2012-02-26

thx younans

Thank you, indeed, Younans!! :=> 2012-02-26

DFW airport

We've made it to the Dallas airport... 2012-02-26

with headphones on

Second (long) leg of the trip: Woo-hoo, TV time! 2012-02-26


And... he's out. :=) (After only about 10 minutes of TV!) 2012-02-26

brisbane airport

M-A-N-Y hours later, we're on Aussie soil, albeit in the Brisbane airport... 2012-02-28

we see sydney

We see Sydney!! 2012-02-28

zach & todd @ sydney airport

We made it! We're in Sydney!! 2012-02-28

home - front

Zach on the steps of our new home! :=) 2012-03-02

j t z in front of church

We may only be visitors, for now, but we're HERE. Welcome to Penshurst!! 2012-02-28

zach & stuffed roo

Woah, look who's waiting for Zach in his new room! :=> 2012-02-28

zach on cronulla pground

First things first: a playground! 2012-03-03

zach & todd on the rocks

Zach & Daddy walking on the rocks at Cronulla2012-03-03

gengy & zach looking out train window

Our first Sunday Funday (and our first excursion on the train & harbour ferry): to Manly beach with Matthew and his mom! 2012-03-04

zach & harbour bridge

On the ferry we ride right past the Sydney Harbour Bridge2012-03-04

jumping in waves

Jumping in the waves with Matthew & his mom is FUN! :=) 2012-03-04

rocks paper scissors

On the ride home, a friendly game of rock, paper, scissors, twisters, aliens,... :=D 2012-03-04


One of Zach's favourite parts of our new situation: the trampoline!! 2012-03-05

z exploring

These gardens are awesome. There's so much to explore! :=) 2012-03-05

bike ride @ Moore Reserve

A beautiful spot for a bike ride: Moore Reserve2012-03-09

zach dancing on manhole cover

Zach stopped for an impromptu little dance on a manhole cover... 2012-03-09

carss park

A dip in Kogarah Bay at Carss Park2012-03-10

bush walk with heldons

Our first Australian bush walk! - in the Royal National Park with Mr. & Mrs. Owen Heldon 2012-03-10

luna park

Zach finds himself right at home in the carnival atmosphere of LUNA PARK! :=D 2012-03-11

revolving door

...Who needs Luna Park when we've got revolving doors?! 2012-03-15

opera house

We walked around the outside of the Sydney Opera House with Rev & Mrs Duckworth 2012-03-15

darling harbour

Another favourite spot: Darling Harbour! - here, with Liam & Dylan (and an unknown girl) 2012-03-16


We may be surrounded by novelties, but some things never change :=) 2012-03-17

watsons bay lighthouse

Hello from the lighthouse at Watson's Bay! 2012-03-18

blue mtns - train

Mr. & Mrs. Owen Heldon take us up to the Blue Mountains - check out the old train car! 2012-03-21

with margaret at blue mtns

Enjoying the Blue Mountains with Mrs. Margaret Heldon 2012-03-21

pulpit rock

Hellooooo down there... down there... down there... :=) 2012-03-21

camellia gardens

Fun times at Camellia Gardens with Dylan, Liam & Mrs Lori Heldon 2012-03-22

cupboard hideout

A nice thing about not having all our stuff here: empty cupboards in which to play! :=) 2012-03-22

giving lambie a checkup

Dr. Zach gives Lambie Loo a checkup 2012-03-27


Later that same day,... A haircut! (And hamburgers 'n' sweet potato fries, mmmm!) 2012-03-27

trampoline w/Dylan

Trampolining with Dylan 2012-03-29

new buddy

Zach's new buddy: Susy, the braying giraffe! :=D (Bought with his own $6 at a local thrift shop) 2012-03-31

bike ride @ Fitzpatrick Park

A bike ride in Fitzpatrick Park 2012-04-03

silly Beiswengers

...It started as an attempt at a half-decent family photo on Daddy's birthday; it degraded into silly faces... (Much better!) :=] 2012-04-03

twirling plate

Learning to clown at the Sydney Royal Easter Show :=) 2012-04-05

daddy & zach in farmers faces

Silly Daddy & Zach! 2012-04-05

mommy & zach in faces

Silly Mommy & Zach, too! (Still at the Sydney Royal Easter Show) 2012-04-05

holding croc

Woah! Not every day you get to hold a little croc! 2012-04-05

zach's egg

Easter egg hunt - ! 2012-04-08

church egg hunt

Hunting for eggs in the church hunt (hacking up his lung in characteristic form...) 2012-04-08

garie beach

Our inaugural visit to Garie Beach in the Royal National Park - with Garett, Lauren and Angela 2012-04-10

JTZ in Fremantle

We expand our horizons with a trip to Perth! Here we are in Fremantle -- on the Indian Ocean! 2012-04-13

zach on the beach

Zach doing his 'stuff' on the beach in Fremantle (with Mr. Frost & Carolyn) 2012-04-13

shutes & ladders with mrs d

Mrs. Dwyer was super fun! :=) 2012-04-13

building robot

Carolyn and Zach had fun building a cardboard-box robot! 2012-04-14


-The finished product: Roby (from the Rooibos tea box :=} ) 2012-04-14

with Wolfie @ airport

...Even the airport is fun. :=) 2012-04-16

puzzles with Lauren

Always a sucker for puzzles, Zach enjoys Lauren's help 2012-04-17

super car traveler

Our next trip takes us to Canberra -- this stellar traveler doubles as DJ with Daddy's iPod :=) 2012-04-19

zach & holly in canberra tower

High atop Canberra in Telstra Tower with Holly 2012-04-20


Visiting the blowhole in Kiama (south of Sydney) 2012-04-24

callala bay

We celebrate our first ANZAC Day at Callala Bay2012-04-25

zach on rope

--LOTS of fun! 2012-04-25


FINALLY, we see some real, live KANGAROOS! 2012-04-25

zach reading to dylan

Zach reads a story to Dylan :=) 2012-04-25

snail on kale

Back home, we visit a farmer's market, buy some nice organic kale, and... make a little snail friend! 2012-04-28


A further glimpse into Zach:

...Amidst ALL these miles and all this traveling, Zach has proven to be a super trooper, indeed. We determined that, so long as he's with Daddy and Mommy, Zach is essentially a-ok. :=)

- While Daddy & Mommy have enjoyed practicing their tennis skills, Zach has found the most joy on the tennis court when pushing around the grass & leaf sweeper! (Fun AND useful!)

- On Daddy's birthday, Zach, apparently having birthday party loot bags on the brain, coyly asked him, "Do you have anything for me? Like at a birthday party..." :=D

- While Zach cowered inside under the rumbling thunder, one day, Daddy and Mommy endeavoured to explain the mechanics of it all. Zach seemed to be following pretty well, but was still puzzled....: "The thunder happens after the cord goes out?" (Electricity, cord,....) :=>

- We had Holy Supper at our Good Friday evening service, and Zach really wanted to participate. Rev. Daddy let him taste the wine beforehand -- "How does it taste?" "It tastes like yuck!" :=D Zach brought a cracker and small glass of water into the back of the church, where he sat with Mommy, and, while adults partook of the Holy Supper, Zach partook in his own way.

- Zach still loves to ask, "Why?" "Why?" "WHY??" His curiosity is only surpassed by his imagination ~ for example, upon stopping at a go-kart track on our way back home from Callala, Zach got out of the van (while Daddy was checking out the track) and asked Mommy to toss his buddies out the window. Puzzled, Mommy asked why, to which Zach responded, "So they can jump into the pool!" :=]

- Although he still prefers to play WITH someone, Zach does a good job of occupying himself in the mornings, before Mommy & Daddy get up, sometimes playing for an hour or more with his buddies or writing something of great importance, or..... :=)

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