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Look who's got a new bi-i-ike! 03/05/11

...Which entertains in more ways than one, for the budding engineer! 03/05/11

Zach slinging a smooth stone at the giant Goliath (Lord project) 03/13/11

Wearing the 'radiator' (aviator) helmet (aka balaclava) which Grammy knit for him :=) 03/24/11

Racing cars down the strag strip with cousin Randi (*that's Daddy's old toy!) 04/03/11

Father & son on Todd's birthday 04/03/11

Zach's bday card to Daddy ("Happy birthday Todd (!) love Zach") 04/03/11

Checking out Daddy's present: Pop-Tarts! 04/03/11

And for the boy: bubble wrap! 04/03/11


Zach, with minimal help from Daddy, working on his very first Lego kit: a firetruck! 04/04/11

Zach still enjoys dancing the Hot Dog Dance on his trampoline, alongside Mickey & his clubhouse pals! 04/14/11


Helping Mommy with the laundry :=) 04/14/11

Zach enjoying his "Miraculous Catch of Fish" Lord project 04/18/11

Dyeing Easter eggs! 04/22/11

Easter egg hunting! (Not too thrilled with Mommy's attempts to keep it kinda healthy...) 04/25/11

A nice healthy breakfast of a muffin, pear and gummy animals. Sigh! 04/25/11

So excited to be going to church! ...Not... 04/25/11

The next best part of Easter egg hunting is re-creating the hunt! -all afternoon! :=D 04/25/11

The mysterious bodiless sweet-potato-fry-grabbing hand... 04/26/11

There's the boy! 04/26/11

Zach, Jack & Mia - the 3 Musketeers 04/29/11


GTJ progeny gather for a delicious ice cream treat. Thanks, Dad/Grampa! :=) 04/30/11


Some cute Zach-isms:

- After awakening Mommy & Daddy with his lovely singing, Zach often tip-toes into their room at the stroke of 7:00 (or 8:00 if he's misread the clock :=) ) then whaps Mommy with a lamb or yanks the blankets -- then they make a blanket cave together! [And is very upset on days when Mommy rises before him! :=( "But I wanted to make a CAVE!"]

- Despite his ever-increasing size & maturity, Zach still employs some precious little-kid words: "intricity", "bestfest", "vegebles"... :=)

- Mommy bought a cupping set to help Zach with his colds/coughs. [These leave a pepperoni-looking burgundy circle on the skin.] After a quiet spell, one afternoon, Mommy noticed a couple of little red circles near one of Zach's knees. "Did you cup yourself??" -Zach nods, with a sheepish grin. -With the lubricant, no less! Simply following procedure... :=D


- Daddy, working on a sermon idea, describes to Zach how he (Z) asks, "Why do I have to eat my vegebles?" to which Daddy usually responds, "Because we want you to be sick!" -No, we don't really want Zach to be sick, and similarly the Lord wants things for us for our wellbeing, to which Zach responds: "Is that in the Word?"

- Zach: "Mommy, your (pretend) phone is ringing." M: "Oh, ok. Hello?" Z: "Hi, it's me, Zach. Do you want to come to my house, sometime? And stay overnight?" M: "Ok." Z: "I have 3 guest beds. (Pauses, considers sizes of beds & where Mommy should sleep... then-) I sleep in the small bed, you can sleep in the medium bed, and if a giant comes over, he can sleep in the giant bed." M: "Oh! Do giants come over very often?" Z: "No." M: "Has a giant ever come over?" Z: "Yes, one." M: "Oh yeah? Who was that? What was his name?" Z: "I'm not sure, but it might be Todd Beiswenger." M: "Really?!" Z (grinning): "Yes - his first name is Daddy Todd Beiswenger." :=D


- As an incentive to keep his pants completely dry, Zach earns stickers - and sometimes even gets more than Daddy! :=D

- Zach has taken a keen interest in card games: Go Fish, Lucky Jacks, War, and especially UNO! (-which makes a great waiting-for-dinner-at-the-restaurant passtsime, incidentally!)

- "guhlull" (girl), "wuhlulled" (world), "inquipment", "stubbrin" (stubborn), "pattrin" (pattern), "Aubrin" (Auburn)

- "I want to play with you NOW, Mommy. ... Remember what 'now' means?"

- Zach very eagerly hunted eggs on Easter morning, and *so* very sweetly - spontaneously! - offered candies to Mommy! "We'll save the pink gummies for you." Aww! AND he spontaneously declared that he would save the money to take for offering for church!! (Don't get too excited... That was his initial reaction but his enormous generosity waned somewhat as church time drew closer! :=} )

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