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March Break 2010: Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, TN with the Muireses ! Here, magic show (...the irony being that Zach didn't stay long enough to see the tiger...) 02/28/10

Great Smokey Mountains National Park : icicle fencing with Mommy- En guarde ! 03/01/10

Throw a snowball at me, Daddy! 03/01/10

Great Smokey Mountains National Park 03/01/10

Looking up to Eric Muires 03/03/10

Hugging the little bear at the water park 03/03/10

The real reason we chose this timeshare exchange in Gatlinburg : the water park ! 03/03/10

A father-son moment :=) 03/03/10

A Gatlinburg gem: Herbie ! (Daddy & Mommy visited this Herbie back some 12 years prior...!) 03/03/10

'Ten Commandments' Lord Project 03/12/10

Another Lord Project - this time celebrating Palm Sunday 03/26/10

Slot cars with Mia :=) 03/26/10

Zach joins Daddy at the go-kart track ! 03/27/10

Crayola Factory - dino Zach ! 03/31/10

Crayola Factory & National Canal Museum, actually - here, an introduction to locks! 03/31/10

Mia & Zach on the beloved gator 04/02/10

Zach and Daddy with his birthday bacon :=D 04/03/10

ICE CREAM ! ! 04/03/10

Easter egg hunt ! [Notice, on the coffee table, the treats meticulously separated from the plastic egg shells...] 04/04/10

Lovin' his Easter hunt loot 04/04/10

Later, ready for church, he re-enacts the hunt . . . 04/04/10

Calvin gets his shot at the gator ! 04/09/10

Zach is three AND A HALF! 04/10/10

Some kids just keep on growing ! 04/10/10

See comparative chair pics here

April highlight: Aunt Lisa & Uncle Alex's wedding ! 04/17/10

Yeah ! 04/17/10

The ring bearer in action :=) 04/17/10

Mmmmm! Wedding cake !! 04/17/10

Uncle Robbie and Zach battle it out on the slot track (cheered on by Aunt Crystal) :=) 04/17/10

'Jacob's Ladder' Lord Project 04/21/10

Some cute Zach-isms:

- Mommy to Zach: "Oh, Zachy, you're going to be tired, today!" "Why?" "Because you went to bed late and got up early!" "...It's o-kay..." :=D

- In the throes of learning about privacy: "I need some pwivacy while I pee, then you can come and help me pull my pants up, Mommy." :=>

- Zach takes mostly after his mother when it comes to tastes in food. We enjoyed a DELICIOUS steak dinner, while in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, and Zach filled up on rolls & tater tots... :=D

- "That car has the same wheels as Granddaddy's car. But this car is green, and Granddaddy's isn't." (...Indeed !)

- Zach does a great job of giving voices to his various buddies Often, their voices are quite nasal...


- His new little game: walking around the living room & kitchen, dragging Mommy's blue dressing gown belt behind him, singing "Wawoo, wawoo, wawoo" (roughly to the tune of "Here we go 'round the mulberry bush") - "I'm cleaning the ice with my zamboni!"

- Zach to Mommy: "Which (sweet potato fry) do you like? This one or this one or this one or this one (pointing)?" "I like the 4th one." "This one (pointing to the first)?" "No, the 4th. The one that's #4. 1, 2, 3, 4th one." "I like the theest one."

- Zach & Mommy played a great game of make-believe: Mommy came to visit Zach at his house (on the path next to the garage side door, having brought their own chairs). Zach says, "My name is Hayce (out of the blue !). What's your name?" "My name is Ra ." Zach - er, HAYCE - showed Ra around the house, "This is my gator, this is my shed, . . . I like these little purple flowers (violets). I have hyacinths, too. . ."

- A couple of days later, Zach played make-believe with Daddy, too. "Knock on the (non-existent) door, Daddy." Zach turns his back; upon Daddy knocking, Zach turns back around - "Oh, hello, come in . Have a seat . How was your day?" Daddy (once regaining his composure !) responds, "Not so hot, my go-kart engine blew up ." Zach: "I was driving my go-kart, today, too. Its engine isn't broken . Let me show you." Leads Daddy around the house and, upon passing the back door, points and says, "That's my mother's house." Daddy asks, "Does your father live there, too?" Zach: "No, he lives somewhere else ." :=D

- According to one sitter (Erica!), Zach served her pretend breakfast (using toy foods & kitchen stuff) - toast, then an egg, which he apparently cooked in the toy toaster. Erica praised his cooking: "That's the best egg I've ever tasted!" Zach replied, "Really? Because it came out of the toaster."

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