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Sharing a massage with Daddy 03/01/09


Playing in the SNOW! 03/02/09


Trying our hands at painting... 03/02/09

March Break adventure: The Little Treehouse 03/05/09

Zach & Daddy @ Little Treehouse 03/05/09

Zach has a new tricycle ! 03/08/09

Grammy & Zach: "This is the way the lady rides!" 03/12/09

Zach enjoying a good Dr. Seuss with Grampa 03/12/09

"Washing dishes" :=) 03/14/09

ZACH! :=) 03/17/09

Zach & his Word 'Lord project' 03/19/09

We had fun with the Daltons (Nicole (Schmitt), Chad & Adam, 7mos) who came to visit! 03/23/09

First shot at FINGER PAINTING! 03/28/09

Zach & Mommy puddle-jumping! 04/01/09

"Daddy sold the gas station! Yahoo!!" (Celebratory dinner) 04/01/09

Helping Daddy blow out his birthday candles 04/03/09

Helping Daddy unwrap his birthday presents! 04/03/09

Zach enjoyed the novelty of being able to open the door by himself (and thereby take his toys out onto the stoop!) 04/05/09

Zach is 2 1/2 ! 04/10/09

To see comparative chair pics, click here 04/10/09

Dying Easter eggs with Daddy 04/10/09

Decorating cupcakes for Easter... mmmm! 04/11/09

Zach Easter egg hunting - enjoying his finds! 04/12/09

Zach is totally PSYCHED!! :=D 04/12/09

He finally gets to enjoy an Easter cupcake -- and enjoy it he does! 04/12/09

Feeding a sheep at the Bryn Athyn National Historic Landmark celebration 04/18/09

Feeding the sheep with the help of Mrs. Alison Jackson 04/18/09

Watching 2 squirrels race up a tree! 04/21/09

Flying his Easter butterfly 'Lord Project' 04/23/09

Such a little helper! 04/29/09

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