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Daddy, Zach & Cody (we'll miss you & Reilly!) 03/09/08

With neighbour Mrs. Hunsberger (we miss you!) 03/14/08


Zach playin' cars 03/04/08

Moving day! (Zach is at Mia's, but I wanted to include this picture to chronicle what's going on in our lives...) 03/15/08

With neighbour Mrs. McCouch (We miss you, too!) 03/17/08

At Grandma's house, Zach is learning how much fun STAIRS can be! 03/20/08

One of Zach's favourite toys: Grandma's step stool/chair 03/22/08

Zach likes to eat at the table like a big boy!! 03/22/08

Zach discovers the pagan joys of Easter! 03/23/08

Fun with Aunt "Ee-a" 03/23/08

Zach & (Grand) "Daddy" 03/23/08

Daddy, Mommy and Zacher-B - happy Easter, everybody! :=) 03/23/08

Jack, Mia & Zach (..Poor Jack wasn't much interested in a group photo..) 04/02/08

The monkey is an avid ladder-climber! 04/06/08

..and loves to go on the "i" (slide) 04/06/08

Daddy & Zach "foreheading" :=) (This is Zach-initiated, by the way. Very cute!!) 04/06/08

Zach & Grandma playing "choo-choo" 04/07/08

Zach is 1 1/2! 04/10/08

See comparative chair pics here

Zach wasn't too keen on having his chair pictures taken.... 04/10/08

...Exhibit B! 04/10/08

Zach likes to swing (briefly)! And make the squinty-face! 04/11/08

The time has come... we're cutting his hair! (P.S. That's Daddy's old high chair!) 04/20/08

Looking pretty shaggy, in-process... 04/20/08

I've got a big-boy haircut, now! 04/20/08

Zach loves to play with Daddy's ties! (And Pooh & Lambie, too!!) 04/22/08

Paint & bubble fun with Mia (whose name he says perfectly!) 04/23/08

Zach & Mommy headed up for a visit with Toronto family; he had fun reading with Aunt Karie! 04/29/08

We spent time at lots of playgrounds. Ashur skillfully tandem-pushed Adam & Zach! 04/29/08

Reading with "Mammy" (Grammy) & Adam 04/30/08

Jumping with "Baba" (Grampa). Weeee! 04/30/08


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