Zach's mid-June-July 2012

(Our North American tour between visiting Australia... and moving there for real!)

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zach & mia in bathroom

We stayed with Abbotts during our first week back stateside. Mia & Zach threw a party for the stuffed animals in the bathroom!? :=D 2012-06-21


fox & hound

They enjoyed watching The Fox and The Hound, too! 2012-06-22

mia & zach all gussied up

Mia & Zach ~ all gussied up for Mr. Owen & Miss Jessica's wedding :=) 2012-06-23

erica & zach

Erica & Will hosted us for our second week. We enjoyed some good visits, and a visit to the playground at Roychester Park! :=) 2012-06-28

goofy jack mia zach

Jack, Mia & Zach: the Three Musketeers are reunited! :=D 2012-06-29

benjamin & zach

We had fun with the Evanses, too - here, Benjamin & Zach squirting each other with water guns! 2012-06-30

zach pulling george

Our third week, we stayed with the Bakers. We had fun times with them, too! :=) 2012-07-01

zach swinging with Cdn flag

We celebrated Canada Day in style ~ at Mergens' with our Parker rellies :=) 2012-07-01

boys on trampoline

Fun with second cousins Gareth (Luke & Eva's) and Calvin (Lamar & Barrett's) 2012-07-01

roller coaster @ sesame place

Zach enjoyed the roller coaster at Sesame Place with Uncle Robbie & Daddy 2012-07-02

water slide with daddy

Sesame Place had water slides, too --- MORE fun!! :=D 2012-07-02

samantha parade

Pictures of Sesame Place would be incomplete without one of cutie cousin Samantha! :=> 2012-07-02


baker girls & zach reading

Zaniyah, Analiese, Josephine & Zach enjoying a good book :=) 2012-07-03

july 4 parade

Samantha & Zach observing the 4th of July parade in Bryn Athyn (our last 4th in the U.S. for a while, most likely....) 2012-07-04

zach racing

Zach ran a good race! 2012-07-04

samantha & water ice

Nothin' says "Happy 4th" like a good Rita's Water Ice, right, Samantha? :=> 2012-07-04


More 4th fun with the Santiagos! :=) (Just a typical day for the Santiagos... :=D ) 2012-07-04


We capped our U.S. visit with a flourish.... FIREWORKS! Oooh, aaaah... :=) 2012-07-04

zach & mikayla

Up to Toronto for our Canadian tour! We had a nice play date with Mrs. Okubo & Mikayla 2012-07-10

creek trip #1

Cousins Ashur & Zach enjoy their tromp in the creek 2012-07-11

reading with grammy

No visit with Grammy would be complete without a good story. :=) 2012-07-16

zach reading

Mommy's heart rejoices watching her boy reading to himself -- for pleasure! :=) 2012-07-19

zach greeting mr anderson

Zach helps Grammy greet at Olivet New Church. Good morning, Mr. Anderson! 2012-07-22

martin & zach

Following a delicious asado, Zach warms up to Martin - and the pool water - for some splashy fun! 2012-07-22

zach & kai 01

Zach & Kai take Daddy up on his challenge to run around the house really fast... 2012-07-27

zach & kai 02

"Awesome!!" Zach was very pleased with his lap time. :=D 2012-07-27

zach & kai running

There they are... running! 2012-07-27

adelaide & dancing lady

Meanwhile, Adelaide and her daddy enjoyed the Dancing Lady (and we enjoyed Adelaide!) 2012-07-27

megan's bday

We had the pleasure of attending Melissa's birthday party! --And, here's one for you old-timers: Melissa's (and Keegan's) mom and Zach's dad were classmates about this age, too. Many moons ago! 2012-07-28

zach in car

On the road again..... We got the word, we've got our visas --- we're headed to BA to sell the car and for a very last farewell before heading "home" to Australia!! :=} 2012-07-30

zach & calvin

More reading going on. Tsk tsk, boys! :=> 2012-08-01

wrasslin' with Todd

One last play date with Abbotts & DeLucas, one last roughing-up with Mr. B.... :=) 2012-08-01

jenni & lucia

Cutie DeLuca girls 2012-08-01

sonic for all

A last Sonic treat with Abbotts before we go... 2012-08-01

zach & mia hug

Farewell, dear friend. I'll miss you!! 2012-08-01

plane wing

Farewell, U.S.A.... (In the skies somewhere between Philly & LA) 2012-08-02

zach & todd on swings

We chilled out in Venice Beach during our 8hr layover in LA 2012-08-02

zach & todd

So long as I'm with Daddy and Mommy, I am ok. :=) 2012-08-02

zach on curb

...Have we mentioned that Zach likes curbs? :=] 2012-08-02

route 66

Greetings from historic Route 66! 2012-08-02


Possibly inspired by his 5hr separation from Mommy during the flight from Philly, Zach invents a game in which he gives her many hugs! :=> (Mommy obliges!!) 2012-08-02

zach watching tv on plane

Back on the plane again... And now, still the best part of travelling overseas: his own, personal TV! :=) 2012-08-02

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