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June began with a Bunnings BBQ fundraiser (sausage sizzle, i.e. all they sell is sausages on buns, with or without onions! -and canned drinks) for his school. Zach did a good job on the till! 2016-06-04

Happy 17th wedding anniversary to Daddy & Mommy! :=) This was our delicious celebrator breakfast, mmmm. 2016-06-12

Zach opted out of joining his parents in seeing the Vivid light show, again, this year. -His loss! (Mommy & Daddy enjoyed their anniversary evening out!) 2016-06-12

Our church celebrated New Church Day with a weekend family camp, this year. What a fun couple of days with a fun group of people! (-We even got to roast marshmallows and eat s'mores!! :=) ) 2016-06-17

As the pastor of our church, Daddy lead most of the sessions at Camp Wannawong - he did a good job of keeping them interesting for the kids (in all of us!), with games like 'Press Your Luck'! 2016-06-18

The kids pressing their luck. No whammy, no whammy! :=D 2016-06-18

We had lively evening games - including raw-egg Russian roulette! Some of the kids jumped at the opportunity... 2016-06-18

...but Daddy was the first to get a raw egg!! :=D 2016-06-18

:=D 2016-06-18

Zach worked up the nerve,... 2016-06-18

Oh no! His luck wasn't so hot, either! :=D 2016-06-18

<splat!> 2016-06-18

The kids received age-appropriate New Church Day gifts (Zach's is a children's Bible) 2016-06-19

:=) 2016-06-18

Liam seems happy with his Angel Michael's cape :=) 2016-06-19

They also got to head (vs. behead - i.e. add heads onto~!) the Great Red Dragon piñata! 2016-06-19

-Only to turn around and slay it, of course. :=D 2016-06-19


This was our group at camp - minus a few who had to leave before the photo. 2016-06-19

Not living in the US, Zach hasn't learned the (American!) states in school. Daddy challenged him to learn all 50 of them and their places on the map. He succeeded! :=) 2016-06-20

-He subsequently did a project on the country of Canada, during the Olympics. (Phew, both sides of his lineage covered! :=D ) 2016-08-20

We hosted another - overdue! - Ice Cream & Ice Age movie night at church - this time showing movie #3. The popularity of these events has dwindled a bit..... hopefully we'll get more for the next one! 2016-06-24

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