Zach late July - early August Mega-Trip 2009

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On July 30, 2009, Zach and his folks departed on our "Mega-Trip" - so-called (by Mommy) because it would span 2½ weeks and something like 3000+ miles! We left home bright & early on a Thursday morning, headed for our first destination: Todd's brother and sister-in-law's, Rob& Crystal's, in Indianapolis, IN...

Day 1: We drove 11hrs from Horsham to Indianapolis, Indiana; arrived in time for supper, spent the night with Uncle Robbie & Aunt Crystal. Here: Zach with Daddy & Uncle Robbie at their house Thurs 07/31/09

Day 2: Drove 4hrs to St. Louis, Missouri; visited the Gateway Arch Fri 07/31/09

Zach & Daddy at the Gateway Arch Fri 07/31/09

Day 2, cont'd: Drove 4 more hrs from St. Louis to Branson, MO. Here: Zach, the super traveler ! Fri 07/31/09

Day 3: Hung out at the resort, visited Branson Landing in the late afternoon. Here: Hamming it up with Uncle Robbie at Branson Landing Sat 08/01/09

Day 4: "The Track" amusement rides, in the morning, hung out at the resort (pool, etc) in the afternoon. Here: Go-karting with Mommy! (Ok fun once, but he didn't care to repeat it :=) ) Sun 08/02/09

Bumper/squirting boats at "The Track" with Daddy, Mommy & Aunt Crystal Sun 08/02/09

. . . Yet another 'fair' (still at "The Track"). . . Sun 08/02/09

Day 5: Talking Rocks Cavern in the morning, 'dinner and a show' (promo style) in the late afternoon. Here: Mommy & Zach in Branson's very impressive cave ! Mon 08/03/09

-They have indoor and outdoor play 'caves' for kids and kids-at-heart to climb through. Mon 08/03/09

Zach enjoyed navigating the SpeleoBox Mon 08/03/09

The sign on this outdoor one read, "Not recommended for people over 6'2" or 230lbs." Jenn took that as a challenge. . . 08/03/09

. . . She only had a couple of moments of serious doubt, when she thought she might have to be surgically removed from the "150 feet of winding, twisting passage" (!), but indeed, she - we - made it!! :=D (PHEW!!!) Mon 08/03/09

Day 6: Table Rock Lake (phooey, no pics!) and the resort's pool . Day 7: Another visit to the lake & its playground, some more rides & games at "The Track," and more pool fun . Here: off to the pool with Daddy! Wed 08/05/09

Ready, set, go! Wed 08/05/09

Zach likes the pool! Wed 08/05/09

A pre-bedtime tricycle ride - to get some of that energy out! (*Bringing his trike on this trip was a stroke of genius!!) Wed 08/05/09

Day 8: An attempt at The Shepherd of the Hills (closed due to a car show - boo!) and more pool fun. Here: Zach's favourite meal of the day - breakfast - and his favourite breakfast food - CEREAL!! Thurs 08/06/09

More pool fun with Daddy! Thurs 08/06/09

Day 9: Packed up and moved on to our next destination: Dallas, Texas! Fri 08/07/09

We drove to Dallas via Historic Route 66, in Oklahoma - voilà! Fri 08/07/09

The trusty traveler, here occupying himself making "knee pads" (?!) with some funky 'Gazz-It' modeling material Fri 08/07/09

Day 10: We spent the day at the Fort Worth Stockyards. What are stockyards, you ask? (I sure didn't know.) See next pic . . . Sat 08/08/09

Stockyards are where you will find cattle and cowboys and mechanical bulls! :=D Yeeehaw ! (P.S. Mommy rode this bull, too... you'll have to ask her if you want to see that picture!) Sat 08/08/09

Zach got to ride his ' own' real live pony, too! Sat 08/08/09

We posed with a real live steer ! (Check out those horns!! :=O ) Sat 08/08/09

Day 11: Dealey Plaza, where JFK was shot, then some fun in this hotel's pool! Sun 08/09/09

Day 12: Off to Memphis, Tennessee ! Mon 08/10/09

Helping Daddy tank up on the way to Memphis Mon 08/10/09

Day 13: We went to the Mud Island River Park, where Zach got to wade in the mighty MINI Mississippi! Tue 08/11/09

We also rode in a pedal boat Tue 08/11/09

-A pretty cool pedal boat, at that! Tue 08/11/09

We then experienced the Mississippi River on a grander scale - in a riverboat! Tue 08/11/09

. . .Where Zach took a poor substitute for his regular afternoon nap, alas. Tue 08/11/09

Day 14: A quick visit to Graceland, lunch at another BBQ restaurant, then off to Bowling Green, KY. Here: Zach is (less than) thrilled to be visiting Elvis Presley-town! Wed 08/12/09

-We're off to Bowling Green, Kentucky! Wed 08/12/09

One of Zach's favourite hotel aspects: the luggage cart! Wed 08/12/09

Another hotel, another pool :=) Wed 08/12/09

Day 15: The National Corvette Museum, then on to our next hotel. Here: Zach playing a cool game at the Corvette Museum Thurs 08/13/09

Daddy & Zach at the Corvette Museum Thurs 08/13/09


After the Corvette Museum, lunch, then back in the car and on to our next destination - a simple half-way stop, in Grayson, Kentucky Thurs 08/13/09

Day 16: Before heading to our final destination, Zach got some good old-fashioned playground/sandbox down-time! Fri 08/14/09

Off to the final destination on our mega-trip 2009: the SRParker family reunion at Laurelville Mennonite Church Center, near Pittsburgh, PA . Fri 08/14/09

Day 17: Family reunion fun! Here: playing with cousin Di :=) Sat 08/15/09

More family reunion fun - with Grammy! Sat 08/15/09

Day 19 of our 19-day road trip: Home again home again, jiggety jog! Mon 08/17/09

It's been a long trip . . . ! Mon 08/17/09

--The fun wasn't over yet, though! Grammy, Grampa and the Younans joined us in Horsham for a couple more days of visiting and fun! :=>

The Ontario contigent are packed up and ready to go, sigh. Have a safe trip, you guys! (Pictured: Kamil & Ashur in front (middle), Adam & Val behind) Wed 08/19/09

It was a long and fun adventure . Thanks for 'joining' us - we hope you enjoyed the trip ! ? :=)

"Zach-isms from our trip: "I saw a UPS twuck! I saw a FedEx twuck! . . . a Sider (Schneider) twuck! . . . a woader! . . . a koowane (crane)! . . . a gwader! . . . a minx (cement) mixer! . . . water falls! . . . another water falls!"

"What means 'Texas'? What means 'Tennesee'?" "An orange backhoe on a twailer ! Let's go see the wheels! - There they are ! I see the wheels ! Ha-ha-ha !" :=)

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