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Zach & Daddy are thoroughly addicted to playing one particular video game together, these days: Lode Runner! :=D 2016-07-06

Aunt Karie and Uncle Jim came down for a visit!! :=) 2016-07-09

They're barely been here a few hours when they were introduced to one of Zach's killer board games :=D 2016-07-09

We were happy to show them the Sydney sites! 2016-07-10

We took the ferry to Manly and walked a bit along the path, there. (Daddy & Zach opted for the rocky road!) 2016-07-10

The next day we went up to the Blue Mountains - on a cold, windy, rainy Australian winter's day! (Zach stayed behind; wise move, son. :=D {That was fine by us, too, since we didn't want to hear his whining!}) 2016-07-11

On Angel Grandpa's birthday we celebrated with smorgasbord of ice creams! :=) 2016-07-11

...Don't be fooled, he quite enjoyed the ice creams! :=D 2016-07-11

Aunt Karie got to feed the lorikeets, yay! 2016-07-12

We had the Duckworths over for dinner and some Five Crowns, too. 2016-07-14

Next compulsory stop with overseas tourists: Symbio Wildlife Park and kangaroos :=) 2016-07-15

Check this one out -- joey in the pouch, eating while mama eats! :=D Too cute! 2016-07-15

Aunt Karie's always good for a story! :=) (Asterix & Obelix, in this case.) 2016-07-16

Our week with Aunt Karie & Uncle Jim went way too quickly. :=( Before we knew it, they were gone! -and it was church working bee day. Haul that mulch, boys! 2016-07-17

-Have we mentioned that Zach's totally into coding, these days?? He is. He & Dylan worked together on a project for 'Moonhack'(a world record attempt to get the most number of children coding at once - right up Zach's alley, eh?!) 2016-07-20

After 8+ months in Oz, our Mauritian friend David packed up and left - for a visit home to see family before heading to Bryn Athyn to become a minister! :=) He left Zach his scientific calculator, which provided many hours of fun for our nerdy little boy. 2016-07-23

Zach's class had a science fair - and his teacher and principal made lovely Einsteins! :=D 2016-07-24

Zach studied the effect of temperature on marshmallows (-apparently his own choice of experiments...) 2016-07-24

We joined Grandpa Heldon in celebrating his 99th birthday! :=) 2016-07-31

(These are some beautiful pictures of Grandpa, done by his granddaughter Michelle. So cool!) 2016-07-31

The birthday boy :=) 2016-07-31

-This rose wants to see into Zach's room! :=D 2016-08-04

On the 20th anniversary of his first appearance, the Man in Black swept in and kidnapped Mommy again! -this time for a night on the town! :=) 2016-08-05

Their hotel room had a view of the Harbour Bridge. Too cool! 2016-08-05

The daughter of our highschool friends came down from Canada to visit her great aunt and see the sights. Mommy took her up for to see the Blue Mountains :=) 2016-08-11

During the Olympics, Zach's Cub Scout group did some Highland Games of their own! :=D 2016-08-13

Similarly, Zach's school held their own mini Olympiad. Here they are, processing in -- Zach is carrying a sign to represent 'his' country of Brazil - and holding the hand of his assigned little person! :=) 2016-08-18

Their school Olympiad featured a number of games, including hurdles... 2016-08-18

...tug of war... 2016-08-18

...and shot put, among others. 2016-08-18

Here's Zach as his friend's birthday party :=) 2016-08-21

The kids were encouraged to dress up as a literary character <or feature of a particular book> for book week. ...Can you guess who Zach is? :=D 2016-08-26

Each member of of his class read a statement about Maria Montessori, whose birthday his school celebrated on that day as well. 2016-08-26



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